The '70 Plymouth Road Runner was Taro's first car and was also the one he used in the World Race. Several changes have been made to the car since joining the Metal Maniacs: Including a chain steering wheel, a new engine that comes out of the hood, a "classic" speedometer, and a new paint job. During the Storm Realm, Taro and his car were struck by a ball of lightning, causing the car to flip several times, and Taro to pass out. The damage sustained appears to be beyond repair as Taro is switched to Rivited afterwards. It is unknown what happens to the remains of the car.

Realm History Edit

The '70 Road Runner only entered one realm.

Storm Realm Edit

Taro entered the storm realm using this car. He drove without many issues until he encountered RD-L1. It tried to attack him, but he swerved and hit a lightning pole. Later on, he encountered Kadeem. Instead of helping Kadeem, Taro passed him, which caused him to be knocked off the track. Taro then finds a group of drones. He rams one of them, before a lightning bolt comes down. The drone swerves and it hits the Road Runner head on, disabling it, and knocking Taro out. He had to be towed out of the realm by Wylde and Monkey. After this, the Road Runner isn't seen again.


Taro Kitano


  • Grappling Hook
  • Lava Tires
  • Lava Plow
  • "Chain" Steering Wheel
  • Supercharger


  • The Road Runner is the only one of the original World Race cars that goes into the Storm Realm that comes back out in one piece, although it isn't functional.
  • The Road Runner is the only licensed car in Acceleracers.
  • It is unknown why Taro decided to replace his Road Runner with Rivited, although it was most likely permanently damaged after the Storm Realm, and therefore unusable.