Accelechargers are card like objects that are given to the winner of a certain realm and can be used to grant the vehicle specific perks/benefits. Each AcceleCharger is meant for the realm they were won in, but can be used for other realms.

List of AcceleChargersEdit

AccelerCharger featured in the trading card game.Edit

Accelechargers for realms in the moviesEdit

Storm Realm: Lightning Rod; grants immunity to electricity. Won by Racing Drones.

Swamp Realm: Sprout Road; creates a vine track underneath the vehicle when the it isn't on any track. Won by Nolo Pasaro of Teku.

Cavern Realm: Night Sight; allows user to see in dark areas. Won by Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs

Water Realm: Hydroglide; allows the driver to glide on water. Won by Racing Drones.

Cliffside Realm: Turn & Burn; allows the user to drift with perfection without lost of speed. Winner unknown (probably Drones)

Metro Realm: Battering Bubble; smashing obstacles with great force and without speed. Won by Silencerz.

Junk Realm: Frictionless; reduces friction to zero. Won by Kurt Wylde.

Neon-Pipeline Realm: Wall Climb; won by Silencerz.

Cosmic Realm: Light Speed; likely won by Drones.