Acceleracers Wiki

Accelechargers are Acceleron devices that allow a car to use powers that aids it in a realm. They are used by the Accelerons to track victories in the racing realms.


When a driver comes out of the portal first, the Accelecharger will materialize inside the car and levitate until the driver picks it up. The Accelecharger is shaped like a rectangle and has the corresponding realm's symbol written on it. Each Accelecharger emits a unique frequency of "Accelecharger energy." A driver can utilize the Accelecharger by placing it in a special compartment in their car, which allows the vehicle to use this energy. When used, the car will glow with the same color of the Accelecharger. Overuse of the Accelecharger, however, will cause the car to malfunction and completely break apart, while the Accelecharger can power down in other cases.

When a certain number of Accelechargers are brought together, they all glow a golden color due to the combining energy wavelengths. It sends a giant wave of energy, which causes the wheel of power to rotate rapidly and erratically. It then creates a gold-colored portal that leads to The Ultimate Race, a reconfigured realm that causes rapid teleportation to all the realms that the combined Accelechargers are from. The driver may choose to use the Accelechargers with the corresponding realm to have an easier time, but the Accelerons will reject drivers that use them.

List of Accelechargers and Powers

  • Canyon Realm AcceleCharger (Hyper Jump): Allows driver's cars to make extremely long and high jumps with ease.
  • Chrome Realm AcceleCharger (Undistort): Erases any illusion or mirage seen to the driver.
  • Wind Realm AcceleCharger (Wind Shark): Allows a driver's car to move through the strongest gusts of wind.
  • Solar Realm Accelecharger (Anti Gravitation): Allows a car to manipulate/control gravity.
  • Labyrinth Realm AcceleCharger (Navigator): Manipulates a car's GPS System and pinpoints all the right directions and that lead to the finish line.
  • Blizzard Realm AcceleCharger (Total Traction): Gives total traction to the car on any terrain.
  • Cybergrid Realm AcceleCharger (Folding Corners):Allows cars to snap through 90 degree turns.
  • Reactor Realm AcceleCharger (Sound Buffer): Sends a sound wave with a higher frequency rate to destroy not only itself but the old one as well as negating any sound-based attacks.
  • Desert Realm AcceleCharger (Sand Speed): Fuses sand and other unstable surfaces together for a short period of time which lets you drive over it safely.
  • Micro Realm AcceleCharger (Size Scaler): Allows cars to change size.

Accelechargers Featured in the Movies

  • Fog Realm AcceleCharger (Fog Vision): Allows drivers to see clearly in foggy conditions.
  • Warped Realm Accelecharger (Teleport): Allows the vehicle to teleport out of trouble.
  • Monument Realm AcceleCharger (2-D): Allows the vehicle to become two dimensional---can cut through other cars.
  • Storm Realm AcceleCharger (Lightning Rod): Protects car from electrical charges.
  • Swamp Realm AcceleCharger (Sprout Road): Creates an organic road of vines beneath the car---best if used upright.
  • Cavern Realm AcceleCharger (Night Sight): Allows the driver to see in total darkness.
  • Lava Realm AcceleCharger (Impervious Tires): Creates regenerating, or auto-repair, tires that always remain in perfect condition.
  • Water Realm AcceleCharger (Hydro Glide): Gives car the ability to drive on water.
  • Metro Realm AcceleCharger (Battering Bubble): Creates a force field around the car, allowing it to smash through obstacles with no loss of speed.
  • Cliffside Realm AcceleCharger (Turn & Burn): Allows the car to take hairpin turns without slowing down.
  • Ice Realm AcceleCharger (Slip Grip): Gives the car the ability to drive over slippery terrain with the needed friction.
  • Neon Pipeline Realm AcceleCharger (Wall Crawl): Allows the car to drive upside down or on walls.
  • Junk Realm AcceleCharger (Friction-less): Creates a friction-less bubble around the car.
  • Ruins Realm AcceleCharger (Phantom Form): Allows car to pass through objects.
  • Cosmic Realm AcceleCharger (Light Speed): Allows the user to travel at light-speed. (Note: Some sources say the effects of the Cosmic Realm Accelecharger are those listed under the Solar Realm. Those sources do not list the Solar Realm amongst the Racing Realms.)(According to the CN website, it allows you to control gravity, similar to the Solar Realm Accelecharger.)



  • There are around 30 Accelechargers, but the drones only recovered 14.
  • The Metal Maniacs have only won 1 Accelecharger, making the team have the least amount won.