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The Acceledrome is Dr. Tezla's secret headquarters, where the Teku and Metal Maniacs live with the assistance of the Acceledrome Crew.

The Wheel of Power hologram is projected in the middle of the underground facility, allowing the drivers to enter into the Racing Realms.



Before Acceleracers

In the beginning Alec Wood, Banjee Castillo, Brian Kadeem, Lani Tam and Dan Dresden helped Dr. Tezla, racing in the realms before the events of Acceleracers. Alec, Banjee and Dan were all lost.



Speed of Silence

Breaking Point

The Ultimate Race

Gig destroys the Acceledrome in order to destroy the Racing Drones.



  • In the cafeteria shown in Breaking Point, on Shirako's take out box, we can see the brand Baluca. Baluca, Inc. is an actual fast food company located in San Francisco, California, where Acceleracers takes place.

    The box on the bottom right says "Baluca".