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The Acceledrome Crew is a team that resides in the Acceledrome, guiding the racers throughout the Racing Realms.



The Acceledrome Crew used to be larger, with Alec Wood, Dan Dresden, and Banjee Castillo also on his team, racing in the realms. Before the events portrayed in Ignition, Alec, Dan, and Banjee got lost in the realms. Soon after Tezla sends Gig to get help from Vert and his friends who raced for him before.

Acceledrome Team poster.

Banjee fell off the track in the Swamp Realm, as Ballistik can be seen in the water.

Kadeem fell in the Storm Realm, only to be captured by the drones.

How the other drivers vanished is unknown, but they are presumably among the Silencerz.


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