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Acceleracers: Ignition is the first movie in the Acceleracers series.


The Racing Drones have stolen the Wheel of Power, and plan to win all the powerful Accelechargers in the Racing Realms.

Rivaling teams, the Teku and Metal Maniacs, are contacted by Dr. Tezla to race in the realms and put a stop to the Racing Drones.


Ignition was edited and split into 3 episodes, to pack in with Hyperpod toys.

  1. Clash on the Coast
  2. Storm Realm Survival
  3. Swamp Attack


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  • The Acceleracers logo sequence in this movie has no music, only the sound effects. The rest of the movies have the theme included.
  • This is the first movie to feature an actual Racing Drone. (Gelorum in Highway 35 does not count, due to the fact that at that time, we did know she was somewhat mechanical, but we did not know what the name of this type of robot was.)


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