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This article is about the Acceleracers soundtrack. For other meanings, see Acceleracers (disambiguation).

The Acceleracers Soundtrack is a CD containing a selection of music from Acceleracers.

Track List

  1. Acceleracers Theme
  2. Drive (Teku)
  3. Action (Teku)
  4. Anything But Down (Metal Maniacs)
  5. Go (Teku)
  6. Accelorate
  7. Drag Racer (Metal Maniacs)
  8. Get to the Finish Line (Metal Maniacs)
  9. Tearin' Up the Streets (Metal Maniacs)
  10. Pedal to the Metal
  11. Hot Rod
  12. Circles
  13. Open Road Song


It was released in August 30th, 2005, manufactured and distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.[1]


  • Many fan theories suggest that Acceleracers never got a continuation due to copyright issues with Sony. This is false as Sony had no hand in the production of Acceleracers.[2]