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The following information is researched by fans and is subject to speculation.

After the release of the Hot Wheels: World Race video game, fans have wondered about the possibility of a counterpart for Acceleracers. The following is the documentation of research done on such a project.

Hot Wheels: Beat That!

One fan theory is that Hot Wheels: Beat That! was originally an Acceleracers video game before switching to an original style as it features Acceleracers DVDs and posters as props in several tracks. This is unlikely as the gameplay and visuals are built on physical Hot Wheels cars in a real life setting, rather than the fictional realm-based format of Acceleracers. Completely overhauling the game in the middle of development would be too expensive and take too much time. The game most likely began development sometime in 2006, so incorporating the latest Hot Wheels home media at the time could've been a decision for advertising/promotion.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing

Released in June 29, 2007 for the Sony PSP, Ultimate Racing developers Raylight Games incorporated several elements similar to that of Acceleracers. These include track set pieces and realm hazards. Acceleracers community members RandomWizKid and Noloaf contacted Raylight Games’ employees about these references, and whether or not it started as an Acceleracers video game. They stated that the game had a rough development cycle as Mattel did not provide any concepts or assets to use as a basis for the game. The development team then bought the Acceleracers series of movies and took inspiration from them to fully flesh out the game’s development. Their video documentation of this research can be seen below.

Master Collector Article

On November 11, 2019, community member jungle_penguins discovered an article by Rudy Panucci of Die Cast News about the Acceleracers property.[1]

Screenshot of article “ With this new line, Mattel hopes to extend the popularity of Hot Wheels beyond just the classic die cast cars, and into the new arenas of DVD, collectible card games, and television. There are also plans for an AcceleRacers video game in the future. This could take off and be a great new franchise. Collectors should consider getting in on the ground floor.”

Page paragraph in question.

In it, they express Mattel’s desire to expand the brand into TV, DVDs and card games, and that “There are also plans for an AcceleRacers video game in the future.”[2] It could be an assumption made by either a Mattel spokesperson or the writer, due to the aforementioned World Race game, but nonetheless this is the only piece of evidence of an Acceleracers video game ever being planned. How far it went into development and if there were any assets created for it remains to be seen.