Accelerons are the aliens responsible for creating the Realms and Highway 35. They were first quoted in World Race: the Greatest Challenge. According to Tezla's research, realms were created because the Accelerons loved to race. Each realm encryption symbol depicts a certain realm that the drivers can enter and win an Accelecharger from.


At first in the World Race, the beings created objects for humanity to discover and learn to figure out, which were in other terms "Ancient Artifacts". The downside of these discoveries made it so the Acceleron's never stayed to influence humanity, putting a huge mystery on their true known location. Years later Dr. Tesla analyzed these signs and put research in reaching the ancient beings.

During the racing realms, the Accelerons watched over the subjects who raced in their realms to see if they were worthy for the "Final Test". In the third mini-episode of the Ruins Realm, Gelorum and her drones came across their creator's in the Storm Realm whom spoke in two voices asking them that only living creatures were meant to race and the machine's forgotten what the dimensions were built for. These are the first signs of not one but possibly two Acceleron's, a male and a female.

However, the first time an Acceleron was seen was in the final test of The Ultimate Race. Its appearance was a humanoid like racer with blue abnormal legs until it was seen as a Racing Drone-like face with the face blade-like horns except with grey markings instead of their creation's green markings.

Powers and Abilities

The Acceleron's possessed extreme understanding of racing, their power is used during a worthy driver proving themselves or are in danger. The first power displayed was telepathy and mental-control abilities. The second and most intriguing ability was creating clothing and another ring. His final ability was creating a portal back to the Acceledrome. Other abilities, if any more, are unknown at this point.


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