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The following is a list of animation errors seen in World Race and the Acceleracers movie series.

World Race

  1. In the episode Ring of Fire, the number of the '55 Chevy Nomad is 4 but when Lani was about to go through the lava the number is mistakenly listed as 6.
  2. In the episode The Great Challenge, When Alec and Mark Wylde are about to enter the second stage, Alec's glasses disappear.
  3. In the episode Desert Heat, In the scene that shows all the cars, the lights of the Krazy 8s are completely black.



  1. The RD-06 that made Kurt's car roll over changes position in a few shots.

Speed of Silence

  1. As everyone watches as Taro completes the Water Realm again, Vert's jacket disappears and appears.
  2. When the Silencerz return to the Silencerz Complex it is appreciated for a few seconds that the doors of the place are no longer there.

Breaking Point

  1. In the scene between Vert Wheeler and Major Wheeler outside of their house, Major Wheeler’s car disappears behind him.
  2. When the Silencerz remove their camouflage in the Junk Realm they see a second Accelium which is then exchanged for a second Covelight and then an Anthracite.

The Ultimate Race

  1. The Technetium pilot is different from the one at Breaking point (or at least his helmet is different).
  2. An RD-S1 can be seen in the latest stream of the Flathead Fury, which is somewhat illogical as the only drones that were seen in the Junk Realm were the Sweeper Drone Conductor, the Sweeper Drones and the RD-M.