Anthracite is a car belonging to the Silencerz team. It is driven by a member of the Silencerz. It makes it's first appearance in the Neon Pipeline Realm where it races with all of the other Silencerz cars. It can be seen at the end of the realm following Magnesium with the rest of the team. It then appears again in the Junk Realm and is totaled when it is hurled off the track by the Junk Monster. The Driver uses the escape device built into the car and Anthracite along with its Driver are teleported back to the Silencerz HQ. It appears a final time in the Cosmic Realm where it finishes the race with Covelight to win the Cosmic Realm Accelecharger.






-Car & Driver escape device

-Car Morphing


-Electric Ball (takes objects and compresses them into a small baseball size ball.)

-Camouflage Piercing Light.

-853 Horsepower Beryllium 8 Liter Straight 8

Die-Cast Variants:

-2005 Acceleracers Silencerz #3

-2006 Accelecharged Series

-2006 Ultimate Track 3 Pack

-2007 Track Stars

-2008 Dynamite Blaster 5 Car Track Set

-2009 Connect Cars Track Legends

-2012 Light Speeders

-2013 Multipack exclusive

-2014 Mystery Models


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