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Banjee Castillo was the former leader of the team Road Beasts in the World Race, formerly part of the Acceledrome Crew, and current member of the Silencerz. He is voiced by Michael Benyaer.


Banjee is wise-cracking and courageous, his expert sense of direction in the Puerto Rican forests made him the perfect leader for the Roadbeasts.


He wears a yellow Roadbeasts jumpsuit with gray pieces.



World Race

Ring of Fire

Banjee can first be seen in Tezla's complex. His first speaking role is "sweet" while testing his car's ability. Banjee is one of the ten drivers in the first leg, he didn't believe Tezla about the fact when a car opens a portal after reaching 300mph. In the leg, Banjee is surprised with the leg's rocks, he then later gets passed by Kurt Wylde. Banjee passes four cars to 1st place. A loop caught his attention while driving and tried to do an attempt but his car wasn't fast enough so he fell off the loop. When Vert Wheeler uses his jump jets in mid-air, he spectates him surprised. Banjee passes Vert and Taro Kitano along with Kurt Wylde and Brian Kadeem. He and Kadeem race into a thick cloud of black smoke far behind from Kurt. Kurt comes out of the smoke as Zed-36 and throws a bomb next to the track. The bomb explodes afterwards he and Kadeem pass it. Vert manages to catch up along with him but Vert turns back to save Lani Tam after she alarmed him, possibly making him finish in third place. After the leg, Banjee was given the opportunity to lead team Road Beasts.

The Greatest Challenge

Banjee was able to return to the first leg to practice run two new Road Beasts drivers, Skeet and Esmeralda Sanchez. Dr. Tezla seems disappointed with Banjee for doing that. Banjee is one of the twenty-two drivers in the second leg.

Before the events of Acceleracers

Before the events of Acceleracers Ignition, Banjee was called upon by Dr. Tezla to race in the Racing Realms. His vehicle Ballistik can be seen crashed in the Swamp Realm. However, the Silencerz were able to rescue him through unknown methods. Shortly afterwards he joined the Silencerz and helped them complete several of the Realms.



World Race



  • 1/35 = The Right Choice
  • 3/35 = Hang 30
  • 15/35 = Rules to Live By
  • 18/35 = Timber
  • 19/35 = Playing in the Mud
  • 20/35 = Risk and Reward
  • 21/35 = Follow the Leader?
  • 24/35 = Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
  • 26/35 = Fly Like a Hawk
  • 35/35 = Keep On Rolling



  • In the World Race comics, Banjee won the World Race instead of Vert Wheeler.[1]
  • Banjee was theorized to be a part of the Silencerz, due to an action figure prototype shown at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con. This is confirmed by the series creator, Jeff Gomez.[2]
  • In The Ultimate Race, Lani Tam mentions other racers who were lost in the realm. Alec Wood and Dan Dresdon were mentioned along with Banjee. It could also be implied that Alec and Dan also are part of the Silencerz.


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