Banjee Castillo was one of the top racers of the 5 teams in the World Race. He led the team Road Beasts. Banjee seemed to be close to Vert just as Kadeem was.

Before the events portrayed in Ignition, Banjee was called upon by Dr. Tezla once again to race for him. Only his crashed car can be seen in Ignition. He was a very cocky racer, maybe relating to the fact that he crashed.

Cars Edit

He drove the car Ballistik, which was seen partially submerged in the Swamp Realm. What really happened to him is unknown, as he is not seen in the Realm with his car.

Trivia Edit

  • Banjee often referred to his car when he excliamed "Let's go ballistic!" in World Race.
  • Along with fellow World Race drivers Dan Dresden and Alec Wood, it is thought by fans that the drivers were rescued by and now reside with the Silencerz after photographs of action figures at SDCC 2005 showing a Silencerz figure resembling Banjee were shown on the internet
  • Later in the movie The Ultimate Race it was mentioned that several racers before have been lost in racing realms. This means before Tesla was recruiting people to race, he did not tell the racers as he thought it would discourage them.
  • In a Q/A session on reddit, Jeff Gomez confirmed Banjee's survival but could not disclose what would have happened to him in Acceleracers 5.0