Shirako's signature vehicle, Bassline, is built to sound cool, look cool, and drive fast. It was first destroyed in the Cliffside Realm when it was pushed off the track by Kurt Wylde to stop Shirako from using his damaged Nitrox 2 booster, which would have caused the car to explode. However, it was rebuilt, and then used in the Junk Realm. Later it was used in the Cosmic Realm where one of its speakers was torn out by a Sweeper Drone before it was taken in by the controlled Sweeper in order to take it into the Drones' Headquarters to save Wylde. During the rescue, Bassline was overturned by the gunfire of a Drone jet, causing Shirako to abandon it there and "Piggyback" on Porkchops' E.D.R. with Monkey to leave. It enters the Swamp Realm, Cavern Realm, Water Realm, Cliffside Realm, Junk Realm & Cosmic Realm.


  • Mega-Bass
  • Jump Jets
  • Huge multi-colored lighting and sound system
  • Integrated laptop with wireless Internet connection
  • Fuel injected 6 liter V10
  • 430hp
  • Nitrox 2 Booster

Die-Cast VariationsEdit

  • 2005
  1. White body, 6 spokes
  2. McDonald's Happy Meal variation with light
  • 2006
  1. Standard Teku markings, white body, 6 spokes
  2. Drone'd series
  • 2007
  1. Track Stars series, or 10 Packs


Shirako Takamoto


  • The Bassline bears a similar resemblance to the 1980s Chevrolet El Camino. It also has a resemblance to an older Holden Commodore Ute.
  • It is the only car in the series that has the drivers' seat on the right, because right-hand traffic systems are present in Japan. Though it is illegal to drive a right-hand drive car in the US.