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"Lani, could the Accelerons have left any kind of machine inside the Realm? You know, maybe...maybe the ones that could help a driver." - Kurt Wylde

Battle Spec is a Teku vehicle owned by Kurt Wylde in Acceleracers, after he lost Slingshot in the Storm Realm.


Before Swamp Realm

After Slingshot was badly damaged and abandoned by Kurt in the Storm Realm, he spends time in the Acceledrome building Battle Spec despite the fact that he's still injured, to the point he wasn't even able to walk. Monkey even made fun of it.

Swamp Realm

After taking out a few RD-06s and facing a dead end, Kurt spotted a huge machine. He asked Lani whether the Accelerons ever left any kind of machinery inside the Realms. After managing to get through some terrains, unfortunately, he was one of the many drivers who got caught by the Swamp Beast due to not properly staying in the groove.

In the Ultimate Race


  • Sounding Engines: Sports Car Start Engine, Rev Engine, Shut Off Engine, Recoreded From Rear Of Vehicle, Sports Car Starts Engine, And Shuts Off, Recorded From Exhaust Left Balance, Sports Car Starts Engine And Accelerates Quickly With Tire Squeal, Exhaust Perspective Left Balance, Sports Car Starts Engine And Accelerates Ouickly To Over 100 MPH, Exhaust Perspective Left Balance Used In Battle Spec. Normal Pitch +0
  • 420 HP
  • DOHC 2.2L 4 Cylinder
  • JT-10 Turbo
  • 7-speed transmission
  • High lift cam
  • Tube headers and free-flow intake
  • Aluminium chassis
  • Carbon fiber body
  • 35 series rubber
  • Fully adjustable front and rear coil-over suspension
  • Nitrox 2
  • E.D.R.
  • Megabass
  • Jump jets
  • Accelecharger capability
  • Top speed: 293 mph

Die-cast Variants

Production: 2005 - 2016

  • 2005 Acceleracers: Teku #5
  • 2006 Acceleracers: Accelecharged
  • 2007 Mystery Cars 15/24
  • 2008 Track Stars 8/12 (mainline)
  • 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends
  • 2010 Trick Tracks 5 pack
  • 2010 Color Shifter: Hot Rod to Cop Rod
  • 2011 Sky Jump 5 pack
  • 2011 Color Shifter: Water Revealers
  • 2012 Light Speeders
  • 2014 Mystery Models 9/12

In 2015, Battle Spec received a retool: the spoiler is now lifted higher and mounted on two poles, and is now part of the interior.

  • 2015 HW Race: Super Chromes (mainline)
  • 2015 Ultimate Spider Man
  • 2016 Ultimate Spider Man vs The SInister 6
  • 2016 HW Retro Style
  • 2016 Ghostbusters


  • It enters the second most realms out of any car with 8, tied with Rivited.
  • Battle Spec uses the same chassis design as Power Rage and Drift Tech.
  • It's somewhat based on a C6 Corvette, but with the nose of Power Rage (same chassis) and an overly simplified cockpit.
  • It's the only convertible among 5 movies, excluding the convertible Power Rage in commercial.
  • The die-cast model lacks the booster exhaust.
  • It's the only Teku car to be a single occupant one. Similarly, Mark only drives single occupant cars in Acceleracers, those being Spine Buster and Flathead Fury. Coincidentally, both Battle Spec and Spine Buster are left hand drive, while Flathead Fury is centre drive.



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