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Brothers is the eighth comic of the world race comic series. The comic comes with the Sling Shot die-cast car packaging.


On an abandoned road course in Georgia, USA, Mark Wylde and his older brother Kurt Wylde were competing in a race in which Markie was trying his best to prove to his brother once and for all that he was a good driver. However, according to Kurt Wylde it was a mistake for Markie to join the Wave Rippers, and he says he wasn't up to the task of driving on Highway 35.

Mark Wylde accidentally crashes the Corvette Stingray in the stands of the autodrome, provoking taunts and insults from his brother, who takes the opportunity to go ahead, which Markie described as unfair, to which Kurt Wylde tells him to get it through his head that in races there is no justice, there is only winning or losing, and that he should decide which of those two sides he is on.

It turns out that the two of them had made a deal; If Markie couldn't beat Kurt in old Farragut's barn he would have to think twice about whether he should enter the world race, but Markie says that the only thing he will think twice about is winning the race.

Later the Backdraft and Deora II show up to try and stop the Slingshot, but Kurt still made a move and reached Old Farragut's barn first.

Kurt Wylde warns his younger brother that he won't cover for him in the world race, but Mark Wylde stated that he didn't need him since he already had his teammates, and they would win the race, to which Kurt replies "Yeah We'll see...''



  • Abandoned Georgia Racetrack
  • Old Man Farragut's Barn


The world race is Kurt Wylde's chance at redemption. Once celebrated as one of the best racing drivers in the world, Kurt was recently accused of pushing his car out of Grand Prix spec and was disqualified. But Kurt's skills still put him at the head of the Street Breed team, and many are betting that Kurt's Slingshot will be the first across the finish line on Highway 35.