Chicane was a car driven by Teku driver Karma Eiss. It was her only car and she used it from the Storm Realm all the way up to the end of the Ultimate Race, where she abandoned it in the Racing Drones HQ in the attempt to save Wylde. It is used in the Storm, Cavern, Metro, Ice, Neon Pipeline, Ruins & Cosmic Realm.

We do know one thing. Chicane was destroyed by an energy ball in the Drones' HQ when Karma picked up Taro after Taro's Rivited got flipped upside down and had to hitch a ride.

Features: Edit

  • -Nitrox 2
  • -Turbo Jump Jets
  • -Accelecharger Compatibility
  • -On board camera
  • -Surround Sound
  • -Tire Morphing Technology
  • -Yellow Neon Lights Under The Car

Drivers: Edit

-Karma Eiss

Die-Cast Variations: Edit


Chicane in the Cosmic Realm

-2005 Acceleracers

-2006 Acceleracers Orange

-2008 Triple Stunt Starter Set

-2010 Rattler's Revenge Track Set

-2012 Light Speeders

-2013 HW Racing Chrome Racers

-2014 HW Race Night Storm

-2015 HW Race 2015 Super Chromes


  • The word "Chicane" is used to describe an artificial narrowing or turn on a road or auto-racing course. This implies that the name was given to this vehicle to describe its handling prowess.
  • Chicane most resembles a Nissan R35 GT-R: [1]