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"Yes! I've got it!' - Karma Eiss

Chicane was a car driven by Teku driver Karma Eiss. It is used in the Storm, Cavern, Metro, Ice, Neon Pipeline, Ruins & Cosmic Realm.


Chicane is first seen being driven by Karma on the way to Tezla's cube, alongside other members of the Teku, namely Vert Wheeler's Deora II and Kurt Wylde's Slingshot. When Mark 'Wylde' Wylde catches up with the others, he bumps into Karma, briefly knocking Chicane out of balance.

After arriving in the Acceledrome, Karma has Chicane loaded with Nitrox to race in the new realm, which turns out to be the Storm Realm. Karma uses Chicane to a good extent against both the realm and the drones, and is only knocked out of the race when a drone detonates a mine on the road, causing Chicane to swerve out of control. Nevertheless, Chicane returns to the real world as one of the only cars unscathed, the other being Wylde's Spine Buster.

Back in the Acceledrome, Karma attempts to take Chicane into the Swamp realm, but is knocked aside by Pork Chop and his Jackhammer. Chicane runs into a pile of wheels and the windshield is cracked, forcing Karma to sit out the realm.

After the Swamp realm, Karma drives Chicane in the Cavern Realm, where she is attacked by a giant bat, this time breaking through the windshield completely. Luckily for her, Shirako and his loud music disrupts the bats enough for Karma to escape.

Chicane (like all the other cars) is later given new wheels for adapting to realm environments, and an E.D.R. As the other drivers race in the water realm, Karma uses the racing drone that came in with Vert through the Storm realm to mimic its driving, using Chicane to do so.

This process is continued until the metro realm, where Karma enters and drives with great skill, being used to driving on city streets. After Monkey and Nolo are captured by the first drone sweeper, Karma and Tork work together to save them. It is here that Chicane is powered by an Accelecharger for the first time, when Karma is given one by Tork to distract the Drone Sweeper. She then uses Chicane to use the Sweeper against the other drone cars, causing them to drive into the sweeper as soon as she steers out of their way.

Chicane is next used in the Ice realm, where it is seen being used to destroy a RD-06 in the realm. Later on, a Silencerz alters their car to take the form of chicane to trick Taro into being run off the road.

Chicane is used after this in the Neon Pipeline realm, where it mostly drives side by side with Nolo's newly built SpecTyte. Like they did in the Ice realm, a Silencerz uses Chicane's form to trick Taro, only this time, their cover is blown, allowing Taro to get a good look at the rival team.

Chicane's next realm is the ruins realm, where Karma once again uses an accelecharger, this time being the junk realm accelecharger. Karma accidentally runs into a monolith creature there however, and is nearly crushed inside the car. Fortunately, Pork Chop, and his new Piledriver car save her with the help of a hyperpod.

Chicane's final realm is the Cosmic realm, where it enters first along with all the other cars (the one exception being Vert and his Reverb). Chicane is used to evade the drones' sweepers and eventually enters one with all the other drivers, led by Kurt to rescue Wylde. Following this, Chicane is used one final time in the Drone's headquarters, where it is used to save Taro after his Rivited is disabled. It then takes Taro as its passenger while Karma continues to drive and is ultimately destroyed when a drone energy ball strikes it, and several drone vehicles, but not before Karma used the E.D.R. to get her, and Taro, safely back to the acceledrome.


  • 400 HP
  • Mid Engine Set-up 6.5 Liter DOHC
  • 7-speed transmission
  • Carbon fiber body
  • Magnesium chassis
  • Foamed frame
  • Coilovers
  • One-piece window
  • 18" front wheels
  • 22" rear wheels
  • 2 seats
  • Neon underglow
  • Nitrox 2
  • E.D.R.
  • Jump Jets
  • Accelecharger capability
  • Wheel Treades
  • Top speed: 278 mph


  • The word "Chicane" is used to describe an artificial narrowing or turn on a road or auto-racing course. This implies that the name was given to this vehicle to describe its handling prowess.
  • Chicane, along with Battle Spec and Hollowback, are one of the few cars to survive from Ignition all the way to Ultimate Race.
  • The die-cast model doesn't even have embossed / molded taillights.
  • The die-cast as well as the show model, if built in real life, they are only considered sports cars and have RWD drivetrain, since the back wheels are much bigger than the front.
  • However, the card game model seems to be better proportioned, the wheels are much more alike, therefore it can be considered to have an AWD drivetrain.



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