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The 1993 Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept is one of the thirty-five vehicles in the World Race that is affiliated with the Wave Rippers team. The car is purple with a black roof and blue water designs, it's driven by number six driver Fluke.


Before the fourth leg of the World Race began, the Thunderbolt is positioned at the right of Power Pipes. When Kurt Wylde passes the thirty-four drivers in his Zed-36 suit, the car races alongside the other Wave Ripper vehicles. It enters and exits the portal.



  • Mid-mounted V10 mated to conceal experimental worm drive propellers

Special Features

  • Water submersible with its built-in ballast tanks



  • The Chrysler Thunderbolt rarely appeared Frozen Fire. It could be seen in an deleted scene that's only found on the spanish dub of Hot Wheels Highway 35: World Race.
  • The car's die-cast could probably be one of the most rarest die-cast out of all thirty-five besides Zed-36's Sling Shot.
    • It is also the final edition of the car before it was ultimately discontinued by Mattel .
  • Due to Climax not having the right to adding licensed cars back then, Chrysler Thunderbolt had to be replaced with the 40 Somethin', a Hot Wheels model, on the video game.
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