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Chuvo is a World Race racer on the Dune Ratz team. Chuvo is revealed in the guide that he is Venezuelan and was a champion Dune Buggy racer until stopping due to an accident that nearly killed him. In the movie Chuvo and Rekkas try to jump from the Desert track T-rex's mouth but fail to get across, though all other drivers succeed. Later, Chuvo and Rekkas rejoin the race somehow.

He was voiced by Kirby Morrow, who voices Shirako Takamoto in AcceleRacers


Chuvo drives a '97 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

  • Sand Tires
  • Parachute


Chuvo's '97 Ford F-150 re-appearing in the Ice Track.

On Chuvo's car, there is a line that says "No Prisoners" as well as bomb decals.

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