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The Cliffside Realm takes place on the side of a bottomless cliff, with the track taking a dramatic drop. The only hazard is the turns themselves, as a wrong move could cause a driver to fall. In this realm, drivers need to master drifting in tight turns.

The Cliffside Realm is where Shirako uses the EDR when his Nitrox tanks were damaged by a Sweeper Drone, forcing Kurt to push him off the track before they detonated.

The winner is not revealed, but the Silencerz are seen with the Realm's Accelecharger indicating that one of them won.

Due to the Cliffside Realm's spiral-like route, much of the track can be skipped. In the Ultimate Race, Vert drives off the road, landing at the base of the descent to catch up to Gelorum, who was using the Accelecharger.



  • It is the first time Shirako loses his car.
  • This is also one of two Realms where Shirako is focused on.
  • This is the first Realm where only four drivers race.
  • It is also shown in the Ultimate Race when Vert takes on Gelorum.
  • In the card game, the images for this Realm and the Canyon Realm were accidentally swapped.


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