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Gelorum, leader of the Clyp Agency.

Clyp is a mysterious agency led by Gelorum. Almost all of Clyp's forces are made up of Clyp Robots. In The World Race they use Kurt Wylde as a spy (codenamed ZED-36) to sabotage the race and gain the Wheel of Power for themselves. Clyp ultimately failed to complete their objective and fell apart soon after the events of the World Race, however they do return in Aceleracers as an even more deadly adversary, the Racing Drones.




The main theme colors of the Clyp are dark grey, black and orange. The Clyp vehicles have many illegal weapons including bombs and extremely powerful hover jets.


  • While not technically one of the teams competing within the World Race, Clyp was a major factor in how the events of the conflict played out.