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The Cosmic Realm is a stellar realm with the track as rings around a planet. It is a low-gravity environment, so drivers must keep up their speed. Sudden movements will cause drivers to float off from the track. A black hole does lie near the track to "absorb" any driver who might have strayed too far from the track, and asteroids float near, and sometimes on the track. The skill for this realm is driving at high speeds and avoiding sudden movements.

The Cosmic Realm track with asteriods and a black hole.

This is where the humans put the plan to save Markie into effect. Both the Teku and the Metal Maniacs finally worked together in this realm.



Nolo Pasaro - SpecTyte

Karma Eiss - Chicane

Shirako Takamoto - Bassline

Metal Maniacs:

Tork Maddox - Hollowback

Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs - Piledriver

Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg - Rat-Ified


Silencer - Covelight

Silencer - Anthracite

Racing Drones:

RD-S1 - RD-02

RD-S1 - RD-06

RD-L1 - RD-05

MD-01 - RD-07

Sweeping Drone - Sweeper

Not Called in:

Kurt Wylde - Battle Spec

Taro Kitano - Rivited

First appearance: Rat-Ified.

Winner: Silencerz


  • The track seems to be surrounded by a protective atmosphere, since drivers without enclosed cars are unaffected by problems normally associated with being in space. Also, cars with internal combustion engines need oxygen to run, which there is none of in space
  • Even though light (travels at 186,000 miles per second) can't escape a black hole's mass (which will crush atoms into black holes and absorb them), two Hyperpods---one of them the Dragster variant---did manage to escape the black hole even though it went 514 miles an hour as seen when Vert Wheeler commandeered one in the Water Realm.
  • The black hole that consumed Porkchop is actually a portal: his car Piledriver accelerated into the portal as if it had its own gravity strong enough to make it reach 300 miles an hour.
  • This is the only known Realm (excluding the Sphere) that has a portal other than the portals that racers enter and exit through.
  • The low gravity environment doesn't appear to apply with drivers inside of their cars.
  • Only newcomer racers are called into this realm by Dr. Tezla.
  • This is the second realm to take place in space.
  • This realm has all human racers, except for Wylde, in it at some point.
  • This is the only realm in which two symbols are seen in the portal exit, one for the Cosmic Realm and the other for the Sphere.
  • This is one of three realms in which no drones make it to the end (aside from a captured sweeper).
  • While Anthracite can be seen entering the portal for this realm first, Covelight is seen coming out of the realm first.


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