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Covelight is a luxury-car-like vehicle driven by the Silencerz and is seen numerous throughout the series.


Covelight makes its first appearance in the Metro Realm when it disguises itself as an RD-02 Model to help sabotage Kurt and Taro from achieving victory. It makes it's next appearance in the Ice Realm where it is first disguised as an RD-06 before unmorphing into Chicane to fool Taro. Believing it to be Karma, Taro drives past the vehicle only to ram him, causing Taro to spin out of control before morphing back to Covelight just as it reaches the portal, thus claiming victory for the Silencerz. It is later seen in the beginning of Breaking Point where it is one of the cars that enters the portal. In the Neon Pipeline Realm, it can be seen at the end of the line following Magnesium through the portal. Once again it is seen in the Junk Realm with Anthracite helping defeat the Junk Monster. It later overtakes Kurt Wylde in his Battle Spec, where it morphs into Kurt's vehicle in an attempt to sabotage him of winning once more. However, Taro Kitano, after taking a shortcut via a hyperpod, sees the two cars clashing and rams the disguised Covelight off the road, allowing Kurt to win the race. After the Junk Realm, it can be seen parked along with the other Silencerz vehicles. The last time Covelight is seen is at the end of the Cosmic Realm where it goes through the portal alongside Anthracite.

Die-Cast Variants

  • 2005 Acceleracers Silencerz
  • 2006 Acceleracers Acceleron Series
  • 2x Launcher
  • 2006 Ultimate Track 3 Pack
  • 2008 All Stars (Pearl White)
  • 2008 All Stars (Metalflake Dark Gray)
  • 2009 Track Stars #10
  • 2012 Mega-Loop Mayhem 5 Pack
  • 2012 Light Speeders
  • 2014 HW Race Night Storm
  • 2015 Ultimate Spiderman Web Swing Drop-Out
  • 2015 Multipack
  • 2016 Batman vs Superman
  • 2016 Magazine Exclusive
  • 2018 Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary
  • 2019 Happy Halloween
  • 2020 Color Shifters


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