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Dan Dresden was a team member of the Street Breed who drove in the World Race. He became the leader of the Street Breed team after Kurt Wylde quit. He raced for Dr. Tezla before the events of Acceleracers.

He was lost in an unknown racing realm and some fans believe he is a member of the Silencerz.


He is an adult man with short beige hair, with brown eyebrows, brown eyes, and a soul patch. He wears the purple Street Breed jumpsuit, plastered with graffiti-inspired orange and green designs.



The Greatest Challenge

Dan is first mentioned by Mark Wylde after joyriding in Sling Shot. Dan does the PIT Maneuver on Krakatoa in the second leg and makes a five car crash. Taro Kitano and Brian Kadeem get past the crash into first place and finish the leg in a tie.

Desert Heat

Dan starts behind Lani Tam before the third leg began.


In Acceleracers, however, he is not seen. Unlike Banjee, not even his car is seen. It is revealed he helped Tezla before the events of Ignition. It can be assumed that he suffered a fate similar to that of Banjee or Kadeem.




World Race



  • 9/35 = The Urban Jungle


The following information is a rumor and/or fan speculation. Do not take as canon.
  • It's theorized that Dan, along with Alec and Banjee are now part of the Silencerz team. Prior to Breaking Point, he along with Alec and Banjee were possibly rescued by the Silencerz in the realms and were recruited.


Dresden drives a car called 'Side Draft'.

  • Grappling Hook

Dan Dresden's 'Side Draft'.

Side Draft

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