Dan Dresden was a team member of the Street Breed team driving in the World Race. He became the leader of the Street Breed team after a while when Kurt left. In AcceleRacers, however, he is not seen. Unlike Banjee, not even his car is seen. It is revealed he helped Tezla before the events of Ignition. It can be assumed that he suffered a fate similar to that of Banjee or Kadeem.

Cars Edit

Dan drove his car called Side Draft. 

Trivia Edit

  • It's theorized that Dan, along with Alec and Banjee are now part of the Silencerz team. Prior to Breaking Point, he along with Alec and Banjee were possibly rescued by the Silencerz in the realms and were recruited.
  • There is a theory that Dan Dresden were lost in the Fog Realm before the Ignition and that his memories were inserted into the RD-L1. This explains why the Racing Drones have cameras based on the satellite of Dan Dresden's car.