Dr. Peter Tezla was a former member of the Silencerz and the man behind the World Race. He has a robot companion named Gig, who floats around and assists him. He is very secretive, and only gives out information if he feels someone needs to know it. Because of this, Kurt Wylde is very distrustful of him.


In Highway 35 World Race, Dr. Tezla owned the Scrim Corporation. He had discovered Highway 35 and the different dimension of which the races took place. After he found out about the Wheel of Power that was at the end of Highway 35, he began sending unmanned cars into Highway 35 to get it, and study it more. He claims he wanted the Wheel to power entire cities with a completely clean energy. After his expeditions into Highway 35 kept failing, he recruited some of the best drivers from all over the world to help him achieve his goal, after a suggestion from Gig. When a driver finally brought him the Wheel of Power, he wanted to study it in his lab, but its power was too great, and caused a huge blackout, as well as short-circuiting Gig. After this event Dr. Tezla realizes that the Wheel contains too much power for one person, and decides to put it back. However, once he comes to this decision, Gelorum and her drones are waiting outside of the Cube to take it. The drivers manage to get past the drones, and put the Wheel back.

After World Race Edit

After the World Race, Dr. Tezla continued to study the Wheel of Power until Gelorum and the Racing Drones took it out of Highway 35, but Dr. Tezla pursued them and nearly got himself killed in the process when a Racing Drone jet shut down his car, making him brutally fall off the track and later get attacked and almost killed by a RD-L1. Failing to protect the Wheel and now with his spine permantely broken, Dr. Tezla feared for his life and built the AcceleDrome, far away from the Drones. He now needs to wear a "Bio suit" to get around.



Dr. Tezla drives the car, Nitrium.