The Drone Assimulator was the machine that Gelorum used to turn an individual into a Racing Drone. She forcefully used it on Brian Kadeem when he failed to give her vital information, and then RD Kadeem used the machine on Mark Wylde when he refused to tell the drone's leader the desired information but there wasn't enough machine to change his mental state. This abomination was abandoned along with everything else in the Drones' Headquarters.


The Drone Assimulator is an advanced surgical machine with many mind boggling parts, used to convert bipedal-exclusive lifeforms into Racing Drones with partial or complete physical traits that make them belong on their side. When the machine moves toward its victim, a large tool rack-looking wall is guided by hangar bars which several automatic tools move around and attempt to reach for the body of who was restrained. The 'tool rack' appears to be black with a neon green lining, having two different noticeable looks as it came closer to Kadeem. Its main appearance has a humanoid silhouette in its center where a horn-like interior is shown with two tools on it, involving a long tipped tool used to print some sort of dye above a spinning glowing wide claw tool used for applying some kind of yellowish material over eyes. At the top left there is a long curved claw used for holding and changing an arm into a cybernetic one (Wylde's case) or a stiff brass knuckle-like band (Kadeem's case), the top center is a tri-claw tool which seemingly grasps for the belly area to affect it, and the top right has a large needle-like tool used for another limb-altering purpose. Near the bottom right area is a swiveling tool with a scalpel on one side which is used for another purpose upon the pelvis, and at the bottom center is a second spinning claw tool which has a hard answer for the lower extremities. As it was seen at first, its design changed once taken a closer look and this makes it hard to describe, including what it truly did to Kadeem's body.

This machine is located in the observation room of the factory room in the Drone Headquarters behind the large Saint Andrew's Cross-looking mechanism that allows it to progress.

Trivia Edit

  • In Doctor Who, the Cyber-men use another type of machine similar to the Drone Assimulator, which has mechanical, specified robotic tools to turn humanity into many clones of the machines. The equipment is active, once a subject enters the chamber room to a more possible, sadenning process that the developers don't let the audiance see. The Cyber-men also have ruthless behaviors and world-threatening intentions just like the Racing Drones, but even more so, they succedded in causing tramau in humans by dominance.
  • Due to the same, neon-light tech the Drones possess, their Sweeper is shown to dismantle the car's as they are swept into a specific room for the process. The equipment was just like the Drone Assimulator's, only enlarged and made to tear apart a vehicle, which was seen as a nuisance and set to being broken and possibly used later, or just straight up dumped out of the beast.