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"SWEEP THIS!" - Deezel Riggs

The Sweeper is a Racing Drones vehicle driven by Sweeping Drones. It was designed to "sweep" up cars, capture drivers, and retrieve Accelechargers.


“The Sweeper is the largest Racing Drones vehicle in the fleet. It is designed to suck up and destroy anything that gets in its path. Extremely fast for its colossal size, the Sweeper is not a vehicle you want to see in your rear view mirror.”


It was built as the Racing Drones' solution to get the Accelechargers won by Dr. Tezla's Drivers in Racing Realms. The only 2 drivers who have been "swept up" were Nolo and Monkey in the Metro Realm.

It also has two mini vehicles that it can dispatch to deal with the drivers; RD-W1 drones, which can attach themselves underneath cars to take control of their components, and MD-01 drones, which attack drivers directly if the Sweeper is unable to.

Due to its titanic size, the Sweeper can survive a large amount of punishment from the outside to a degree. However, it can be out-driven in narrow paths, where it will either trap itself or fall off, as seen in the Neon Pipeline and Cliffside Realms respectively.

In the Ultimate Race, Monkey willingly drives into a Sweeper to help the Acceledrome hijack it, in order to access the Drones' Headquarters and rescue Mark Wylde. They also use another Sweeper to escape the Acceledrome before Gig destroys it, in order to eliminate the remaining Drones inside. With their cars lost, the Teku and the Metal Maniacs use this Sweeper as their transportation in search of Vert Wheeler, who went missing after the Acceledrome's destruction.



  • There is at least 1-3 Sweepers in each realm the Racing Drones are in after the Metro Realm.
  • Any Sweeper that was not hijacked by the human drivers did not survive a Realm.
  • They are constantly hitting themselves in the Realms in an effort to capture drivers, unintentionally causing their own destruction, similar to RD-S1 and other drones.
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