E.D.R. (Emergency Driver Return) is an emergency device that was created by Dr. Tezla in "The Speed of Silence". After learning how important the AcceleChargers were, he needed a way to keep them safe if another driver is using them. The E.D.R.'s design allows a driver in a dire situation to escape from a realm as quickly as possible without his/her vehicle. Also, a driver who uses the E.D.R. comes out of the realm depending on how fast they were traveling. However in "Breaking Point" the Silencerz were revealed to have an E.D.R. as well, but more advanced, allowing both the driver AND the vehicle to escape from a realm in case of an emergency.

Deezel 'Pork Chop' Riggs was the first to use the E.D.R. in the Water Realm, when he was captired by one of the enormous fish monsters and his car began to flood, which resulted in him being badly injured in landing on metal barrels. Afterward, Lani Tam installed a protective mat to catch the drivers from hitting the ground so hard if an E.D.R. was used. Vert Wheeler followed soon after when he recklessly accelerated his speed as he was hydroplaning. 

In "Breaking Point", Monkey installed an E.D.R. into Pork Chop's truck; Old Smokey, thinking that it would be effective to tow out cars if they were to break down inside a realm. Later, Monkey and Pork Chop took Old Smokey into the Junk Realm as the other drivers were being chased by 3 Sweepers. After entering the realm, they drove Old Smokey into one of the Sweepers, causing both the truck and the Sweeper to explode, with Pork Chop and Monkey escaping at the last second.

In "The Ultimate Race" after Kurt had rescued Wylde from RD-Kadeem, Nolo said that the only way out of the Racing Drones' Headquarters was the E.D.R. and all 9 drivers escaped, leaving all of their vehicles behind.