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Finn Serpa is one of the 35 contestants of the World Race. He drives Backdraft and was a member of the Wave Rippers team. He is the 3rd member chosen by Vert Wheeler before the 3rd leg. He made his debut in episode 3 Desert Heat.


Desert Heat

Serpa's vehicle can be seen before the 3rd leg started. When all Wave Rippers cars entered the leg, they struggled to drive on deep sands. Vert demands all his team members to use their vehicle's jump jet ability. When Serpa ignites his vehicle's jump jets, he bumps Alec Wood's car.

Wheel of Power

Serpa was one of the thirty-four drivers competing in the final leg. After Vert won and gave the wheel of power to Dr. Tezla, he was one of the Wave Ripper drivers to receive a check of five million dollars. He can be seen behind four Wave Ripper drivers in the episode. After time ran out Gelorum was demanding tezla's complex to give them the wheel of power, Finn was one of the drivers escaping the complex. He was avoiding CLYP cars along with Dan Dresden in the Side Draft until Dresden was thrown by another CLYP car.




  • 3/35 = Hang 30
  • 4/35 = Lava Run
  • 8/35 = Brothers
  • 19/35 = Playing in the Mud
  • 20/35 = Risk and Reward
  • 27/35 = Racing the Storm


  • "Finn used to hang glide off the rocky shores of Ireland but can he brave the perils of Highway 35?" - World Race Interactive Garage
  • "Before the World Race, Finn Serpa was a cliff surfer who used to hanglide off the rocky shores of Ireland. Now as a member of the Wave Rippers team, he must prove to team leader Vert - and more importantly to himself - that he can brave the perils of Highway 35." - Comic Episode 3/35, Hang 30


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