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"We're gonna settle everything..!!!" - Mark Wylde

Flathead Fury is a Metal Maniacs car that was Mark Wylde's second car, after Spine Buster.


Beginning construction before Spine Buster was even destroyed, this car was partially seen being built in the Cliffside realm Mini-episode. It appears to be reminiscent of a Dragster, with an exposed cockpit and streamlined design. The car makes its debut in Breaking Point, when Wylde races Tork for leadership of the Metal Maniacs. Afterwards, Wylde uses this car in the Junk Realm, but collides with a spike ball near the end when he doesn't follow the apex, crashing the car. It is not seen again after this, as Wylde is captured by the drones.


  • 700 HP
  • Ram Air Super Cool Inducted V8
  • 7-speed transmission
  • Aluminium body
  • Steel frame
  • Push-rod suspension
  • Wedge-shaped nose
  • Kneecap shaped steel moldings
  • Front brake outlets
  • Steel rectangular air pressure spoiler
  • 19" front wheels
  • 22" rear wheels
  • Hyperglue rubber compound tires
  • 1 seat
  • Nitrox 2
  • E.D.R.
  • Top speed: 282 mph

Die-cast variants

Production: 2005 - 2016

  • 2005 Acceleracers: Metal Maniacs 3/9
  • 2006 Acceleracers Drone'd
  • 2007 Track Stars (mainline)
  • 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends #3
  • 2011 Truckin' Transporters - Gamma Racers

In 2014 and 2015, the tooling of the car was updated: the front and rear wing were made plastic

  • 2014 Track Aces 5 pack
  • 2015 Track Aces 5 pack
  • 2016 Super Mario (note: this is the only variation that had its headlights painted)



  • This is one of the only cars to have entered only one realm, others being Deora II, Slingshot, Rat-ified and ‘70 Plymouth Roadrunner.
  • The Metal Maniacs insignia is nowhere to be seen on Flathead Fury, perfectly representing Wylde’s situation in Breaking Point: even meaner, furious, completely reckless, only try to settle score with his brother and no longer care about his own team.
  • The die-cast car has Black flames instead of Gold-outlined Red flames.
    • It also has a metal unpainted spoiler instead of the Red spoiler in the movies
    • The model has a translucent canopy instead of the opaque Light Grey in the movies
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