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Fluke is one of the thirty-five drivers in the World Race. He is a Greenlandic ice racer. He drives the Chrysler Thunderbolt in the movies and 40 Somethin' in the video game.


  • "Fluke is one of the greatest ice racers in the world, making him a perfect addition to the Wave Rippers team. Hailing from Greenland, his off-killer perspective and friendly demeanor makes him fun to be around, but hard to race against-especially when he cuts loose in the Chrysler Thunderbolt!" - Comic 6/35 "Fast Break"
  • "Hailing from Greenland, Fluke is a hardy opponent - especially if the ground is frozen!" - World Race Interactive Garage


Frozen Fire

Before the fourth leg started, his car could be seen at the right of Power Pipes, Felix Sharkey's vehicle. He could also be seen entering the portal of the leg.



  • Frozen Fire


  • 6/35 = Fast Break
  • 17/ 35 = One Good Turn...


  • Fluke rarely appears in the World Race films that he only appears on one film.
  • Fluke's vehicle Chrysler Thunderbolt, has got to be one of the rarest die-cast of out of all thirty-five cars besides the Zed-36's Sling Shot.
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