The following information is a rumor and/or fan speculation. Do not take as canon.
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The Forest Realm is unofficial realm but theorized to be one of the 4 unknown symbols.


A realm that has the atmosphere of pandora where there are tons of trees, you also need to avoid dangers such as forest fires, falling trees and hungry creatures. In order to win this realm you will have go off road and find shortcuts. The skill for this realm is driving well on off road terrain and finding shortcuts whenever possible.

Forest Realm Accelecharger "Forest Manipulation": Gives the car ability to have nature help you out on the track (Things from falling trees that can make log bridges for crossing gaps to turning mud into a smooth road)


  • Only one of the 4 Symbols that were shown of the Wheel of Power through out the rest of the Acceleracers Movies.
  • Only one of the 4 symbols that did not get featured in the Acceleracers collectible card game.
  • The Name "Forest Realm" was mentioned in the forest inferno hazard card in the Acceleracers Collectible Card Game.
  • The Forest Realm was claimed to be the "leaf" shaped symbol.
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