Gelorum is the leader of the Racing Drones in Hot Wheels: Acceleracers and former leader of CLYP in Hot Wheels: Highway 35. She has her Drone workers build new cars and drivers for her army. She also copies Accelechargers like her "brood" of Drones.


After the events of World Race, Gelorum was repaired. She was able to get the Wheel of Power from Dr. Tezla in Ignition. Later, she captured Kadeem when he fell off the track in the Storm Realm, and eventually turned him into a drone. In the Ultimate Race, we learn that she and the Drones have captured Wylde. She tortured him, and turned his left arm into a Drone's arm. Wylde was then forced to give her the location of the Acceledrome. She then led the attack against Dr. Tezla, and got all of the Accelechargers. She then went through the portal to meet the Accelerons, and Vert went after her. When they see the Accelerons, she then discards her human disguise and turned into her true form to try to attack Vert, but the Acceleron stopped her from doing so. This is the last time we see Gelorum.


Human FormEdit

In her human disguise form, Gelorum is a approximately 1.60m feet woman with white long hair, she has divisions on her face that splits her face into 6 parts, her left eye is a organic black eye and her right is a cybernetic and glowing green eye, a reminiscent scar of her helicopter accident in World Race. She wears a "collar" with green Racing Drones letters appearing on them. She wears a black dress and her left arm is a thin, weak-like Drone arm. This form is the form that hides her true, monstrous form.


True Form Edit

In her true form, Gellorum's human disguise comes off and she grows ridiculously, becoming larger than the 11 feet tall RD-L1, her lights are lime-green instead of the base green color. Her head is completely different from the other Racing Drone's heads, she has 2 visors/lines on a "V" shape one on top of the other. She doesn't has a visible mouth and on top of her head there is a species of crown. She has 8 gigantic metal spikes coming off her back and, since she doesn't need to blend with her car, she doesn't have the metal appendages RD-L1 and RD-S1 have. She has the Racing Drones logo on the middle of her chest and on the side of her shoulders. We haven't seen her power on this form, but it can be speculated that she could easily rip in half a car, since the inferior RD-L1 could destroy a car in a matter of seconds.


  • Unnamed CLYP helicopter in World Race
  • RD-09


  • It seems that Gelorum's hair grew between the events of World Race and Ignition, which would make sense besides the fact that she is actually a robot.
  • In her true form, she bares a gigantic similarity with the Queen Xenomorph, from the Alien franchise, as both are larger than the ones they command, they are on top of their hierarchy, they're appearance with the crown on the head and spikes on the back and they have a whole army of weaker versions of themselves on they're command.
  • It is unknown how her approximately 13 feet tall form stays inside a 1.60m human form without breaking it apart.
  • She changed from World Race to Acceleracers a lot, and the robotic parts inside her changed aswell, in World Race, the robotic eyes were blue and the metal plating was silver, in Acceleracers, the robotic eyes are green and the metal plating is black.