Hollowback was a Metal Maniacs car that was driven by Tork Maddox.


Before Acceleracers

As shown in flashbacks, Hollowback was driven by Tork in the fateful race against Tone Pasaro in Synkro, resulting in his death.



Hollowback races against Synkro in the coastline, before being wrecked by Spine Buster.

Later, Tork Maddox joins the Acceledrome Crew with Hollowback along with Porkchop and Old Smokey.

The Ultimate Race

Hollowback was abandoned along with Spectyte in the Drone's headquarters.


  • 540 HP
  • Chromemoly Tube Chassis
  • Steel Body Vacuum
  • Carbon fiber body
  • Induction Enhanced Side Draft Injected 431ci V8
  • Rear brake intake
  • Wide rear fenders
  • 7-speed transmission
  • 18" Front Wheels
  • 20" Back Wheels
  • Forward mounted ramming blade
  • Top speed: 297 mph


  • Hollowback is one of the very few cars driven in the whole series (and the only metal maniacs' car) without getting broken nor destroyed, the other one being Karma's Chicane.
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