Hollowback was a car that was driven by Tork Maddox. Only it was kind of like the Hot Rods and Cruiser Cars fused together. It had a red paint job and a huge engine mounted on the hood. It entered the following realms: Swamp, Cavern, Metro, Cliffside, Ice, Junk & Cosmic.

Hollowback was abandoned with Spectyte in the Drone's headquarters in The Ultimate Race.


  • Forward mounted ramming blade
  • Flamethrowers on its engine-mounted and side exhaust pipes
  • Accelecharger Compatibility
  • Tire Morphing Technology

Die Cast VariationsEdit


  1. Flat red plastic body
  2. Flat maroon plastice body
  3. Shiny/satin red body, 6 spokes
  4. Shiny/satin red body, 5 spokes
  5. Toy Fair 2005
  6. McDonald's Happy Meal


  1. Acceleron series
  2. Standard Metal Maniac colors


  1. Track Stars series



  • It's one of the very few cars that it's the only one driven in all of the series without getting broken nor destroyed, the other one being Karma's Chicane.