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This article is about the World Race comic series. For other meanings, see World Race (disambiguation).

The World Race comic series was a limited series consisting of 35 issues, 12 pages each, coinciding with the release of the Hot Wheels: World Race toy line and movies.



Ep. Title Character
1 The Right Choice Vert Wheeler
2 The Drop Alec Wood
3 Hang 30 Finn Sherpa
4 Lava Run Lani Tam
5 Running Away From the Mirror Felix Sharkey
6 Fast Break Fluke
7 The Jagged Edge Mark Wylde
8 Brothers Kurt Wylde
9 The Urban Jungle Dan Dresden
10 The Super Slide Toño
11 Follow, Lead Or Get Out of the Way Ricky Bell
12 Chump Change Bart Scampi
13 Set in Stone San Jay Khan
14 The Ruins Run Maximo
15 Rules to Live By Banjee Castillo
16 Race the Wind Ric Handy
17 One Good Turn... Pete Karris
18 Timber Jerry Boylan
19 Playing in the Mud Skeet
20 Risk and Reward Yucatan
21 Follow the Leader? Esmerelda Sánchez
22 The Easy Way Out Brian Kadeem
23 Slippery Slope Mojave
24 Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way Toni Berry
25 The Wall Chuvo
26 Fly Like a Hawk Charlie Raffa
27 Racing the Storm Heralda
28 ...How You Play the Game Rekkas
29 Full Throttle! Taro Kitano
30 Payback Vesuvius
31 Clypped Harrison Lau
32 Scorched Zed Everest
33 Zed Revealed! Wayne Casper
34 The Hardest Stretch Jet Blaney
35 Keep On Rolling Krakatoa

Character Bios

Differences to Film

  • Banjee Castillo wins the competition instead of Vert Wheeler.
  • Everyone retains their designs from the character portraits.
  • Gelorum has long, blonde hair.
  • Much more characters are expanded upon.
  • More locations are shown.



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