Highway 35 World Race

hotwheels city island is a huge island city made at the end of the last leg of highway 35 by the accelerons.

when vert wheeler discovered it and drove into this city, he soon describes it as "a city built for cars!" this city included the shark park and octoblast track. in the center of the city is a tall tower and at its tip holds the wheel of power which vert took from highway 35 and soon returned to put the wheel of power where it belongs. once the wheel was returned to the tower, it delivered large amounts of energy to the tower and sending its energy throught all of hot wheels city. after wards the world race drivers named it hot wheels city.


years later the drones attacked hotwheels city island, destroyed most parts of the island and stole the wheel of power before dr tezla could reach for it to prevent the drones from obtaining it. after ward the drones may have rebuilt it into a massive stronghold.


entering hotwheels city



enjoying the view

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