"There's nobody driving these cars!"

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Hot Wheels World Race is a video game developed by Climax Brighton and published by THQ. The game is based on the movies. The game consists a total of 35 Hot Wheels vehicles to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the creation of the Hot Wheels franchise.


The game starts with an intro featuring the music Hot by Smash Mouth. The menu of the game features 3 vehichles (Rodger Dodger, 1/4 Mile Coupe, and Deora II) running on a night desert. After the player contines they will be given 4 options, Challenge, Single Player, Multiplayer, and Options to modify the game's volume, sound, and controls. There are 3 modes for the game, Quick Race, Time Trial, and League and includes difficulties of Easy, Medium, and Hard. The player will be given the option to choose a team and racer.


The Challenge Mode is for beginners. The player has to face 5 challenges in order to become a racer.  



Name Theme Icon Image
1 Tezla's Cube Desert
TC Icon.jpeg
2 Cloud 9 Sky
Cloud 9 Icon.jpeg
3 Satellite City Space
SC Icon.jpeg
4 Vapour City Sky
VC Icon.jpeg
5 Space Out Space
6 Mist Mountain Volcano
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