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Toy version of the Climber Hyperpod, with Rivited inside.

Hyperpods are Acceleron Vehicle Transformers that aid the drivers. They are activated by parking a vehicle inside them; they function like a vehicular exoskeleton.

List of Known Hyperpods

Jackhammer, in the Dual Driller Hyperpod, in the Swamp Realm.

Dual Driller Hyperpod

The Dual Driller Hyperpod features two large drills on the front of it that help a driver by drilling through debris that block the track.

Its only known user is Pork Chop with Jackhammer and Piledriver, in the Swamp and Ruins Realm.

A Silencer, disguised as a Realm Car in the Caterpillar Hyperpod, in the Metro Realm.

Caterpillar Hyperpod

The Caterpillar Hyperpod (Also known as the Octo-Rod Hyperpod in the trading card game, another name is the Crawler Hyperpod) has eight extra large wheels that allow a driver to run over and/or climb just about anything, similar to a tank's treads.

User: Kurt Wylde with Battle Spec (Swamp Realm), Silencerz (Metro Realm), Taro Kitano with Rivited (Ice Realm)

Dragster Hyperpod

Dragster Hyperpod, with Power Rage inside, in the Water Realm.

The Dragster Hyperpod (Rocket Socket Hyperpod in the trading card game) has a slim, streamlined look, including a spoiler, that lets it get some massive speed. This Hyperpod can be used to go really fast---it was seen travelling at 514 miles an hour, or 320 km/h in the Water Realm when Vert Wheeler commandeered it.

User: RD-L1 with RD-08 (Storm Realm) , Vert Wheeler with Power Rage (Water Realm), Tork Maddox with Hollowback (Cosmic Realm)

Climber Hyperpod

Climber Hyperpod with Rivited inside

The Climber Hyperpod is an interesting one because it has in the front not wheels, but rotor type axel objects that help it to climb, it can be used to climb over debris like the Caterpillar Hyperpod with the exception that the Climber can travel at much steeper angles, however, it is not as good at off-roading.

User: Taro Kitano (Junk Realm), Pork Chop (Cosmic Realm)

Slam Ram Hyperpod

The Racing Drone's Slam Ram Hyperpod

The Slam Ram Hyperpod is a Racing Drone specific hyperpod. Unlike other hyperpods, the Slam Ram Hyperpod is a built in feature in Racing Drones vehicles. Only RD-05 and RD-08 are shown to be able to transform into it. The Hyperpod features four massive tires, and its main feature, a battering ram, which can be shot out of the front to attack other drivers, sending them flying off the track.

It was used in Storm, Cavern, Water and Ice Realms.

The Carpoon Hyperpod

Carpoon Hyperpod

The Carpoon Hyperpod is never seen in the animated series, but it makes an appearance in the card game, and received a toy model. It features a giant grappling hook, which doubles as a weapon.

Stratothruster Hyperpod

Prototype pictures of the Dragster (Left), Stratothruster (Middle), and Caterpillar (Right) Hyperpods.

The Stratothruster Hyperpod is never seen in the movies, and only appeared in the card game. Prototype images of it exist as a toy, but it never made it into production. It is described as a Hyperpod that gives limited flight to any vehicle that enters it.


  • Porkchop is the human driver that used most hyperpods in the animated series, a total of three times. He's also the only driver ever seen using the Dual Driller Hyperpod, in both the Swamp and Ruins Realm.
  • The only hyperpod used by the Racing Drones besides the Slam Ram Hyperpod is the Dragster Hyperpod, in the Storm Realm.
  • Similarly, the only Hyperpod the Silencerz are seen using is the Caterpillar Hyperpod, in the Metro Realm.
  • While the Climber Hyperpod is shown to be very slow in the Junk Realm, it is seen reaching very high speeds when attached to the Dragster Hyperpod in the Cosmic Realm.
  • Because RD-L1 driven vehicles are the only ones shown being able to transform into the Slam Ram Hyperpod, it is speculated that RD-04 could also transform into it, as it is also driven by RD-L1.
  • Oddly enough, most of the time the Slam Ram Hyperpod is seen, RD-08 is inside it, even if the car that transforms into it is RD-05. The only time a RD-05 is seen in the Hyperpod is in the Ice Realm.
  • The Carpoon Hyperpod can be compared to the grappling hooks seen on cars such as Spine Buster, Deora II, Power Rage, RD-06 and more.
  • The Stratothruster Hyperpod can similarly be compared to the Racing Drone Jets.