The Ice Realm is slippery and winding, with some of it's track under the ice. It is the eigth track entered by the humans and the fourth during the micro-sodes. Some of the track goes through piles of snow. It goes through and around hills and valleys of ice and snow.

The Ice Realm is one of the minisodes. The first part is on "The Speed of Silence" and the rest are on "Breaking Point".

​Drivers (Known Participants)


The Ice Realm.


  • The Silencerz won this realm by posing as Karma.
  • This is the first realm with no participation from Kurt, though this information is unconfirmed.
  • This is the second time the Silencerz cheated Taro of victory.
  • This is the last time the Drone Hyperpod is known to be used.
  • For some reason Taro knows what Gelorum looks like inside his dream even though Gelroum changed her appearance between World Race and Acceleracers.
  • Taro references himself skiing down Mt. Everest, mentioned in the original Hot Wheels World Race movie, when he states "Should've brought my skis!".
    • Which also could be referencing when Vert says he "should've brought his board" during the Water Realm.
  • This is the only realm where the Silencerz only enter one car.
  • It is similar to the Blizzard Realm.

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