"There's nobody driving these cars!"

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Iridium is a series of car belonging to the Silencerz. The only known Silencer to drive one is Major Wheeler.

Vehicle Features

  • Camouflage
  • Radio jamming
  • 2 Magnesium motorcycle transformation
  • Invisibility
  • 420 HP
  • 4 Liter Turbocharged V5


Iridium's camouflage is a realm car (from the Metro Realm) and Battle Spec, which first appeared in The Speed of Silence. Once in Breaking Point, Iridium's camouflage, when this disguised car saved Shirako, is Rollin' Thunder in the Neon-Pipeline Realm. Tezla's Nitrium changed Iridium's camouflage back into the original car after its camouflage's interruption. Iridium has been transformed into 2 Magnesium motorcycles. Iridium is the first car to be in the Acceledrome and Iridium's camouflage is RD-02, only appeared in The Ultimate Race.


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