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The Junk Realm is a realm full of scrap cars and parts. It is reddish in color, suggesting that the whole realm is rusting and worn. Wrecking Balls, crushers and electromagnetic cranes picking up racers are present. There is a robotic creature made out of scrap parts that blows flame as well. This is the realm where Mark Wylde was lost, due to him not following the apex and being struck off the track.

This realm is notable for featuring Vert Wheeler and Mark Wylde, both of whom hadn't raced since the Water Realm.

​Drivers and Cars


Kurt Wylde - Battle Spec

Mark Wylde - Flathead Fury (DNF)

Tork Maddox - Hollowback

Taro Kitano - Rivited

Shirako Takamoto - Bassline

Vert Wheeler - Reverb

Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs & Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg - Old Smokey (DNF)

Racing Drones

Sweeper Drone - Sweeper

MD-01 - RD-07


Major Wheeler - Iridium

Silencer - Covelight, Anthracite, 2× Accelium

Banjee Castillo - Technetium

Winner: Kurt Wylde

First appearance: Reverb & Flathead Fury


  • The Junk Realm marks the first time that an E.D.R. was used by both a driver and passenger.
  • This Realm is the fourth time a Silencer tries to trick Taro by camouflaging their car at the end of the realm, and its the first time he doesn't fall for it. Unfortunately, Taro is still beaten by Kurt.
  • This was the only racing realm Flathead Fury entered before it was abandoned. Markie got hit by a wrecking ball and was lost until captured by the Racing Drones.
  • Sparky's legs came from a Racing Drone destroyed in this realm.
  • This is the last Racing Realm won by the Metal Maniacs and Teku.
  • This was the first realm in which the humans were aware of the Silencerz' presence from the start.
  • This is the only realm where a Teku or Metal Maniac is unable to complete the realm, or escape by means of the EDR.
  • This Realm broke the Silencerz winning streak.
  • The Junk Realm is the realm with the most number of human drivers that enter a realm with 14: all 5 Metal Maniacs Drivers, 3 Teku Drivers and 6 Silencerz Drivers.


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