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Kamikaze semis are futuristic trucks that endanger the drivers when on the dead streets of the Metro Realm. The commonly appear there, but can use the freeways as seen in the Ultimate Race.

One smashes into Karma Eiss, but she sucessfully reverses bringing the semi into a building. Another one pursues Monkey, but tips over due to brakes locking. One attempts to attack Kurt, but falls out into the void doing so. The final one to be seen almost rams Nolo, but is no match for a Sweeper.


  • Klaxon sounds from Porkchop's Old Smokey is reused for this kind of hazard.
  • The Kamikaze semis takes shape from what appears to be an Renault Magnum.
  • It was originally used as an obstacle in the "Tri-Realm Challenge" track that never got to be officially released.