"I'm not interested in how it thinks. I just wanna know how it drives."
~ Karma Eiss

Overview Edit

Karma Eiss is a member of the Teku and their sole female driver. She is very calm and intelligent. She is also a quick learner. She has dark, brown hair tied into a ponytail, icy blue eyes, and wears red lipstick. She wears a blue Teku jacket with orange shoulder pads with a white shirt under it, and blue pants and heels. She plays a huge role in helping her fellow drivers safely complete Racing Realms. Karma is more focused on winning races and beating the Racing Drones than the drama between the Teku and the Metal Maniacs.

Personality Edit

Karma's personality is somewhat like a drone in human form. Kurt Wylde even goes as far as to say that she looks like Gelorum. She desires perfection in her driving. She even studies the racing techniques of the drones to improve her skills. This is where the similarities end. While the drones will do anything to win, Karma will sacrifice winning if it means helping a driver in need. She cares deeply for her team (and some of the Maniacs) and helps them grow emotionally. Karma also has a hunger for knowledge. She often asks questions to better understand things such as: the Wheel of Power or Highway 35.

Karma always stays focused on what she is doing. She even outright ignored Lani when she was helping a driver finish a realm. Karma also does not seem to need much sleep since she can be seen training during the late hours before the Metro Realm.

Story Edit

Ignition Edit

Karma Eiss debuts at the coast race between Teku leader, Nolo Pasaro and Tork Maddox, leader of the Metal Maniacs. After the race, GIG appears and tells the world race drivers that Dr. Tezla needs their help. Karma asks what the drones are and is intrigued when she hears that they are the perfect driving machines. She follows the Vert and later, Kadeem, to the Acceledrome where they a briefed by a holographic Dr. Tezla. Karma interrogates GIG in the briefing room when he explains how the Wheel of Power works. Perhaps she was skeptical of the legitimacy of the Dr. Tezla and the Wheel.

The Storm Realm is the first realm Karma enters. Even though this is her first time in a different dimension, she is not phased, unlike fellow newcomer, Monkey. Kurt tries to give her some instruction on driving around loops, but she brushes off his help since she already knows what to do. During her first encounter with a drone, Karma expresses eagerness to test her skills against one by grinning. The RD-S1 unit uses proximity mines to stop Karma, but she quickly adapts and avoids them. The drone then pushes a button that detonates a mine near Karma's car and causes her to spin out. Kurt asks if she is alright, and she tells him to win the race. At this point, Karma truly understands how dangerous the drones are. Near the end of the Storm Realm, she offers Vert a ride out of the realm, but Vert decides to look for Kadeem. She takes Kurt out instead. Vert exits the realm with a drone and Karma does not hesitate to crush it with her car, saving Vert.

Later, when the rest of the Teku and Metal Maniacs arrive, she helps them get their cars ready for the next realm. Shirako Takamoto stirs up trouble by playing his music loudly, but Karma turns it off when she hears the alarms that announce the opening of a realm go off. Karma tries to get on the track that leads to the portal, but Metal Maniac, Pork Chop, side swipes her car and sends her spinning into a stack of tires. One of the tires smashes her window, forcing her to sit out the race. She spends the realm meditating and hoping for the safety of her team.

The Cavern Realm Edit

Karma races in the Cavern Realm. About halfway through the realm she passes Shirako and takes the lead. After clearing a loop, a giant bat smashes into her window, startling her. After Kurt figures out how to lure the bats away with Shirako's music, Karma safely exits the realm after Pork Chop and Shirako.

The Speed of Silence Edit

In the second movie, Karma goes to examine the drone that came through the portal with Vert. As she approaches it, the bound drone "stands" at attention and asks her for orders. This startles Karma until Kurt appears and explains that the drone thinks she is Gelorum. Karma asks him what he is doing there, but Kurt answers with a vague "Just curious." Kurt then brings the subject back to Karma and states that she greatly resembles Gelorum, at least on one side of her face. Karma mentions that Kurt used to be a spy for Gelorum. Kurt claims to have not known Gelorum's true nature, and that he did not trust Dr. Tezla. Karma deducts that Kurt has trust issues because he thinks everyone is like him. Kurt reverts the conversation back to Karma's appearance and leaves, which seems to annoy her.

A little while later, Karma hooks the drone up to a computer and test car that is suspended on hydraulics. GIG tells her that the drone's brain is ready to be studied, but Karma is only interested in the drone's driving abilities. She uses a virtual reality headset to simulate a track where she mimics the drone's driving style. When the simulation is complete she receives a percentage to rate her performance. The drone cheers when she finishes, which annoys her. Karma immediately goes to the control room to inform Dr. Tezla of her discovery. She explains that the drones master specific skills for each realm, allowing them to win. She elaborates by recalling the skills needed for the previous four realms the drivers entered. She states the Storm Realm was about ignoring distractions, the Swamp Realm was about driving the line with the best grip, the Cavern Realm was about driving in the dark, and the Lava Realm required the knowledge of how the track affects a car's tires. She finishes by suggesting that the realms were created as a test for drivers. Karma insists on letting her help the drivers currently in the Water Realm.

Karma takes over Lani's position and contacts Vert first since he is in the lead. She begins giving Vert instructs on how to handle hydroplaning, but Vert is more concerned about how fast he can finish the realm. He asks long he has been inside and Karma tells him "Almost 30 minutes." Vert says he is going for the fastest time and Karma advises him to slow down and listen, but Vert ignores her, resulting in him flying of the track and having to use the E.D.R. When the rest of the drivers reach the sea level portion of the track and fight the drones, Karma informs Dr. Tezla that everyone is alright after Kurt, Wylde, and Shirako get launched by the ram hyperpod. Dr. Tezla is only concerned about them winning though. Karma breaks a hard truth Tezla and says the drones deserve to win because they mastered driving over water.

Taro Kitano attempts to take on the drones but ends up in their headquarters for a brief moment. When he escapes back through the Wheel of Power, Karma exclaims that he is back. Taro asks if he can make it to the portal. Ka

rma confirms, but says he needs to stay focused. Karma guides him through the Water Realm in record time.

In the middle of the night, before the Metro Realm opens, Karma spends her time practicing her driving while everyone else sleeps. She expresses annoyance at her 99% score and claims that it is "not good enough." She spots Nolo lurking around in the Metal Maniac garage with the intent of sabotaging Tork's car. Karma tells him to go to bed, but he doesn't listen. She deduces that Nolo doesn't car about beating the Drones but rather getting revenge for Tone. Unlike Nolo, Karma has accepted that Tone crashed because he drifted to far in a turn. Nolo claims that Tone did not make mistakes, but Karma mentions how he liked to show off while driving. Karma shows some remorse over Tone's death likely because she feels partially responsible. As the team strategist, Karma was responsible for her team's driving techniques. Immediately after, Tork's appearance angers Nolo into challenging Tork to a fight which Karma sees as pointless. The Metro Realm opens and Karma is one of the drivers called to race.

The Metro Realm Edit

The Metro Realm immediately drops the drivers off in oncoming where they must quickly dodge the unmanned cars. Karma quickly finds the pattern needed to navigate them. A moment later she coins the name of the realm. After driving through the city blocks for a few minutes, Lani states that there's something wrong with the realm. Karma agrees, saying that it's too easy and that she's just driving on city streets. An 18-wheeler suddenly rams the side of her vehicle and tries to plow her into a skyscraper. Karma reverses to save herself and sends the rampaging trunk exploding into the building. When Tork chases after the Sweeper, Karma offers to help him by distracting the Drones.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 4.28.59 AM

Karma using the Cavern Realm Accelecharger.

Tork tosses her the Cavern Realm Accelecharger which she uses to get the Drone's attention. She pulls up in front of the sweeper and uses the Nitrox 2 to push back sweeper drones. Four more drones, including RD-L1 charge Karma from the front, but end up driving into the mouth of Sweeper. After Tork rescues Monkey and Nolo, she tries to lose the sweeper by hopping over the median with the turbo jets, but is surprised when the Sweeper breaks through it. She gets a better idea and uses her turbo to leap over the sweeper and send it over the edge of the track. She carpools Nolo out of the realm. After she exist the realm, Kurt is accused of hiding an accelecharger that Taro thinks he saw him win. Karma attempts to comfort Kurt by implying that Taro would not lie about him winning, but it only angers Kurt.

The Ice Realm. Edit

Karma is one of three drivers seen in the Ice Realm. The other two are Taro and Monkey. Karma isn't seen much in the realm, but she was sent in after Taro to look for him.

Breaking Point Edit

In the beginning of Breaking Point, Karma is training on the car treadmill when she is approached by Dr. Tezla. He wants to know what happened between her and Taro in the Ice Realm. Karma claims that she never saw him. Tezla seems unconvinced and Karma says she doesn't see things that aren't there. Tezla believes Taro doesn't either. The next realm begins to open.
Karma Eiss

Karma Eiss

The Pipeline Realm Edit

When the Pipeline Realm opens, Lani calls Karma to enter. After driving in the realm for nearly a minute Karma sees a hole in the bottom of the pipeline and tells Monkey to invert. Monkey doesn't understand what she means until the last second and narrowly avoids falling through. Moments later a sweeper attacks them from behind and Karma uses her Nitrox 2 booster outrun it, leaving Monkey behind. Taro helps Monkey escape the sweeper and pass the door. But the sweeper bursts through it and Monkey panics again. Karma tells him to relax because the pipeline is getting smaller. Later while being pursued by motorcycle drones, Karma and Nolo slalom through small ramps and barriers. A full line of barriers blocks her path and she activates her turbo to jump over them and sends the drones crashing into the obstacle. After that Nolo informs Karma that they need to stay ahead of the doors. They squeeze through the door and Karma notices that the drones are using their accelecharger copying technology to get through the closed door. Lani tells them that if they want to stay ahead of the doors then they need to draft together to improve the airflow around their cars. Karma understands this as, "two cars are faster than one." Karma follows Nolo across a vine road across a gap in the pipeline. After everyone exits the realm, Dr. Tezla holds a meeting where he explains who the Silencerz are. When she hears of how they used cloaking and disguises to trick the other drivers she looks at Kurt in an apologetic way. After the meeting, Karma approaches Taro and asks him why he didn't try to get even with her in the Pipeline Realm since he thought Karma attacked him in the Ice Realm. Taro says he isn't sure why, but Karma notices this as him hiding his feelings toward her. She asks him why he wasn't dating Lani anymore. Taro says that Lani thinks he is hard to talk to. Karma agrees.

The Junk RealmEdit

Just before the Junk Realm opens, Vert reunites with her and Nolo. Sometime between Vert's leaving and his return, Karma and the Teku built Vert's new car, Reverb. After Nolo insists that Vert take the Swamp Accelecharger into the realm, Karma comment that Nolo is beginning to sound like his brother.

While other drivers are in the realm, Karma goes to the control to help them. Dr. Tezla is concerned about the whereabouts of the Silencerz. Kurt doesn't see anything, but Karma is convinced that that means they are there. Toward the end of the realm, Lani worries if the drivers will make it, Karma consoles her that they will. Later Vert discovers the skill needed to win the Junk Realm. Karma explains to Pork Chop that driving an apex is when one's inside wheels drive closest to the inside of a turn. Lani simplifies this by saying, "It's when you go from driving into a turn to driving out of a turn."

The Ruins RealmEdit

Karma is one of four racers to enter the Ruins Realm.  Here, most of the Drone forces decide to attack her as she drives into a maze of unstable pillars.  Making a sharp right, she tricks a drone into crashing into a pillar and forcing a chain reaction.  The columns fall in a domino effect and crush all drones in pursuit.  When she clears the maze, she encounters a portion of track that is reduced to rubble.  Karma uses the Junk Realm Accelecharger to leap over the debris and continue onward.

Later she encounters one of the four-faced stone giants of the realm.  She reverses in an attempt to escape it, but accidentally backs into a stone column.  She panics and scream as it reaches out for her but, Pork Chop saves her using the Drill Hyperpod.  Karma thanks him and moves on.

The Ultimate Race Edit


Karma's sole car is Chicane, giving her the best track record out of all the Teku racers for cars used, and ties her for first place, with Tork Maddox, for best track record overall.

Trivia Edit

  • Karma replaces Lani as the sole female protagonist driver.
  • Karma is the only Teku racer never to be seen using the Swamp Realm Accelecharger.
  • Coincidentally, she is also the only Teku racer to ever be seen using the Junk Realm Accelecharger.
  • Also, Karma is the only Teku racer to use the Cavern Realm Accelecharger.
  • Karma is the first newcomer to enter a Racing Realm.
  • Karma is the only Teku who does not have or has had a direct conflict with any of the Metal Maniacs.
  • She is the only driver without abnormally large feet, instead having abnormally small ones.
  • Her car Chicane, has large speakers inside of it, but Karma is never seen playing music through them.
  • Karma meditates.
  • Karma was the only driver not to enter the Swamp Realm after what happened when the tire hit Chicane's one-piece window.

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