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Krakatoa was one of the thirty-four drivers competing in the World Race. He is an Indonesian driver in team Scorchers and drives the Muscle Tone. He also wears red goggles.


Ring of Fire

Krakatoa is first seen in the Handler Proving Ground, he is one of the ten drivers competing in the first leg.

The Greatest Challenge

Before the second leg began, he flirts with Esmeralda Sanchez by giving her a wink. In the leg, he was spun out by Dan Dresden and was later hit by Mojave, Harrison Lau, and Rekkas.

Desert Heat

Krakatoa is one of the thirty-three drivers competing in the third leg, he gets stuck in the deep sands.

Frozen Fire

Krakatoa is one of the thirty-four drivers competing in the final leg. In the leg he uses the metal plow to unblock the track for the other teams along with Taro Kitano and Everest.

Wheel of Power

Krakatoa congratulates Vert Wheeler after winning $5,000,000. He can be seen clapping Griffin behind Taro. He can be seen again standing next to Esmeralda when Gelorum demands the complex to hand the Wheel of Power. He, Taro, and Vesuvius break the complex's door and start running into CLYP cars.




  • 34/35 = The Hardest Stretch
  • 35/35 = Keep on Rolling


  • His name comes from a group of volcanic islands in Indonesia called the Krakatoa Archipelago (in Indonesian, Kepulauan Krakatau) and refers to the fact that the team he belongs to (Scorchers) has cars created specifically to be driven on volcanoes.
  • Although he is an African-American character, in the comics that came with the Hot Wheels World Race cars, as well as in the Game Boy Advance video game, he is white and blonde.