Kurt Wylde is Mark Wylde's older brother, a former spy for Gelorum, a former World Race driver, and currently a member of the Teku.


Prior to the events of AcceleRacers, he got Mark Wylde, his brother, involved in a shady business deal, but he backed out on him, resulting in Mark going to prison for 2 years. After winning the Junk Realm, Kurt was devastated to find out Wylde didn't use the E.D.R. to escape in time. He asks Tezla to open the Junk Realm so he can get Wylde out himself, but Tezla reveals to him that Wylde and Kadeem weren't the only drivers lost in the Racing Realms, and that he couldn't tell them because it'd discourage the drivers' racing abilities.
After the Ruins Realm, Kurt calls over the other drivers away from the Acceledrome to hold a meeting on helping get Wylde back. Kurt hopes to atone for his past mistakes by rescuing Wylde from the Drones. Creating a truce (the Metal Maniacs agreeing because Wylde is one of them, and the Teku agreeing because Nolo knew the importance of family over racing), Kurt plans to have them hijack one of the Racing Drones Sweepers in order to get into the Drones Headquarters during a Racing Realm.

Kurt and Taro execute the rescue operation against Tezla's orders when every other Driver (except Vert) is sent into the Cosmic Realm. Kurt and the drivers provide a distraction to exhaust a Sweeper of its Sweeper Drones by using the low-gravity of the Realm to their advantage, while Monkey infiltrated the Sweeper to take control from inside with help from Porkchop. Once the Sweeper was in their control, Kurt and the other drivers went into the Drone HQ to find Wylde.


When Kurt first races in the Realms, he first drives Slingshot, a repaint of his car from Highway 35 but after he crashes into a drone's car he switches to Battle Spec.

Trivia Edit

  • Kurt is the Teku member that has raced in the most number of realms, a total of 9. (the Storm Realm, Swamp Realm, Cavern Realm, Lava Realm, Water Realm, Metro Realm, Cliffside Realm, Junk Realm and Cosmic Realm), tying with Taro Kitano. If Kurt has driven through the Ice Realm, which is unconfirmed, then he has a total of 10 realms, making him the human pilot who has raced in the most number of realms.
  • Kurt is the first human driver to use a Hyperpod.
  • Kurt is the only Teku driver to not make use of jump jets on his car.
  • Kurt's eye color, like Vert's, was changed from World Race to Acceleracers. In World Race, his eyes were a deep hazel color, and in Acceleracers, his eyes were changed to blue, like Vert's.