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The following is a list of notable Acceleracers content creators.


  • Noloaf is an Acceleracers theorist and video essay creator, who first started making videos on December 31st, 2017.[1]
  • RandomWizKid makes YTPs and videos on details found within the Acceleracers movies.
  • Tezla's Cube is a collaborative channel that preserves various promotional material, researches Acceleracers history and debunks rumors.

3D Modelers

  • NicolasDavila also models Acceleracers cars and is dabbling in 3D animation.
  • Dashie010203 creates 3D models and renders along with mods for Distance and Garry's Mod.
  • Xceptre makes 3D models based on Acceleracers cars. They have also made higher definition vehicles from the World Race videogame.


  • JCC-2224 creates prints and textures based on Acceleracers characters and vehicles. He has also cosplayed Vert Wheeler.[2]
  • ValkenVugen has remastered the movies in 1080p and 60fps, along with making 3D models and renders. He is also working on a fancomic.
  • ReeceTheR is a musician, video editor, and a member of Tezla's Cube. He has covered multiple songs from Acceleracers under the SoundCloud profile Skylights
  • DaimosZ was the founder of the Tezla's Cube Youtube channel and narrator of the majority of the videos on the channel. He has since semi-retired from the community citing a lack of interest in Hot Wheels and a desire to focus on his personal web comic projects, though he still is apart of the Tezla's Cube group. [3][4]

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