The following is a list of notable Acceleracers content creators.


  • Noloaf is an Acceleracers theorist and video essay creator, who first started making videos on December 31st, 2017.[1]
  • RandomWizKid makes YTPs and videos on details found within the Acceleracers movies.
  • Tezla's Cube is a collaborative channel that preserves various promotional material, researches Acceleracers history and debunks rumors.

3D Modelers

  • NicolasDavila also models Acceleracers cars and is dabbling in 3D animation.
  • Dashie010203 creates 3D models and renders along with mods for Distance and Garry's Mod.
  • Xceptre makes 3D models based on Acceleracers cars. They have also made higher definition vehicles from the World Race videogame.


  • JCC-2224 creates prints and textures based on Acceleracers characters and vehicles. He has also cosplayed Vert Wheeler.[2]
  • ValkenVugen has remastered the movies in 1080p and 60fps, along with making 3D models and renders. He is also working on a fancomic.
  • ReeceTheR is a musician, video editor, and a member of Tezla's Cube. He has covered multiple songs from Acceleracers under the SoundCloud profile Skylights
  • DaimosZ was the founder of the Tezla's Cube Youtube channel and narrator of the majority of the videos on the channel. He temporarily retired from the community to focus on his personal webcomic projects but as of July 2020 he has become active in the community once more

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  1. AcceleRacers: Easter Eggs (Part 1) on YouTube
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