The following is a list of notable fan projects from the Acceleracers community.


Fan made Acceleracers stories have dated as far back as July 27th, 2005, with Acceleracers: The Third Wheel by Wolf of the Shadows on Being made during the release of the movies, it last updated one month before the release of The Ultimate Race.

Today, many fan projects are still being created. Due to the small community, many projects are cancelled or abandoned due to burnout, lack of team members, or budgetary constraints.


  • Acceleracers: The Gift of Wisdom was a fan film announced on May 6, 2016, slated for a summer 2018 release.[1] It was created by Tyler Hammer. On March 21st, 2017, he cancelled the project as he felt The Edge was already a good enough continuation. He moved on to work on ONE, An Acceleracers Story.[2]
  • Hot Wheels: Rebirth of Acceleracers was a supposed Italian Acceleracers fan film. A 3D animated teaser was released on August 29th, 2017.[3] Nothing has come of the project since then, so it is assumed to be cancelled.


  • Acceleracers V: War Zone is a fanfiction written by Mercenary Without Burdens and continues the story of Acceleracers after The Ultimate Race. It was first published on February 12, 2018 and is ongoing with more than 29 chapters being written.
  • Acceleracers 5: The Finish Line is a fan written script written by Thomas Tremblay, in the style of a screenplay. It was published in July 22, 2019 and has 31 pages. A trailer for the project was released on the same day.[4]
  • AcceleRacers: Last Sacrifice is a fan fiction written by Jungle_Penguins and was published in July 27, 2019. It continues the Acceleracers story, incorporating elements from the patents, and has almost 6,000 words.
  • The Talk is a short fanfiction written by HaloFIn17, published January 14, 2009. It takes place directly after the ending of The Ultimate Race, featuring a conversation between Vert and his father. It is regarded as one of the better fanfictions within the community.


  • AcceleRacers: The Edge is an upcoming comic project[5] by Realm 3516 and will continue the story of Acceleracers. It entered a hiatus along with ONE.[6] The Facebook page launched in October of 2013 and it has gained over 2,300 followers.[7]
  • AcceleRacers ONE is an upcoming fan comic that explores the origins of the Accelerons, worked on by Tyler Hammer and with Chris Takada doing the visuals. It is the sixth installment of Acceleracers, taking place after The Edge. Pre-production began in 2016 and principal production began in January of 2017.[8] It entered a hiatus along with The Edge.[6] The Facebook page has 330 followers.[9]
  • Acceleracers: Drive to Survive was a fan comic created by Josue David Peralta, a.k.a. Fast-Fish, and takes place 3 years after the events of Acceleracers, with updated designs and new characters.[10] It only had one book published on DeviantArt, and was left abandoned in 2016.[11] Multiple concept art was released of the characters and locations.[12] It was planned to have a sequel series titled Hot Wheels: Rumblers.[13] As of July 18, 2020, Fast-Fish has over 40.2k views on his DeviantArt page.[14]
  • Acceleracers: The Endless Realm is a fan comic concept created by ValkenVugen, announced on July 24, 2019.[15] It's a side story, coinciding with the events of Acceleracers. It has yet to enter the production stage, with only a concept page being released.[16] The comic was cancelled indefinitely on September 5, 2019, due to ValkenVugen's computer being in disrepair.[17]
  • Dave's 1 World was an AcceleRacers crossover fan comic created by PowerStroke3 on DeviantArt, notable for being the first of its kind. It followed new characters and crossovered with Cars, Loonatics Unleashed, and more. The comic at some point was ultimately deleted from his DeviantArt page, in favor of a reboot comic in 2019 with 40 chapters being planned.[18] The reboot began on November 16, 2019, and is currently ongoing.[19]


  • Acceleracers Game was a fan game by Rjiig 123 which began development in 2018. It was cancelled after the team got burnt out,[20] but the cancellation video was turned private.[21]
  • Realm Racers is an upcoming brazilian AcceleRacers fangame, with several updates being posted on the Never Rain Studios YouTube page. Formerly posted on the O Radikau channel.[22]
  • Ignition is a fan game being developed by player1unknown and his team in the ROBLOX game engine, currently in the Pre-Alpha development stage. 3 tracks out of the 32 planned are available, with 4 out of 35+ cars.
  • Project Nitrox² is a fan game that is free to play for PC, Console, & Mobile. The developers are smurfyo64 and his team within the ROBLOX game engine. 36 out of 40+ cars are done, and 10 out of 29 planned realms are available.
  • Acceleracers Fan Game is a game created by YouTube user Zabuza, with the first gameplay trailer being uploaded on January 1, 2019.[23]
  • Project Acceleracer is an open-source game created by YouTube user TheCatPlaysGamez and his team within the Unreal engine. It contains 42+ cars and has 15+ completed realms, with the first video being uploaded on April 23, 2020.


The following are mods for existing games that allow you to play Acceleracers vehicles and tracks.

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