Major Wheeler is Vert Wheeler’s father and secretly a member of the Silencerz. He is voiced by John Payne in World Race and Acceleracers.


Major Wheeler is a middle-aged white man with short, blond hair having grey strands on the sides of it. He has blue eyes and a prominent jaw line. He wears a blue suit that is adorned with different military medals.


Major Wheeler's first appearance in AcceleRacers is in The Breaking Point. He is shown arriving home, seeing Vert in the driveway cleaning his surfboard. He sees that Vert has brought home a new motorcycle, and tells Vert to be more careful after Vert told him that his car got "banged up a little". Vert then tells his Father how his Mother used to always say that to him whenever he left, to which the two then go inside.

Inside their home, Vert's Dad begins to talk about how much regret he feels over choosing to serve his duty rather than stay home with his family. He begins to talk to Vert about how life is full of challenges, with one of the hardest being choosing between your "duty" and the things you love. Vert that asks his Father "Well what if somebody else could do the mission better than you, what if you though you couldn't do it, what would your duty be then? To which Vert's Dad asks him what he's been doing lately, with Vert responding how he has been racing with the Teku. Vert's Dad proceeds to tell his son how he doesn't want him hanging out with them, and that he should stay home until he gets back. He ends this conversation by saying "Quit what you're doing son".

In the Ultimate Race, Major Wheeler is later seen as a reflection of Vert while Vert looks in the mirror. He says "You should quit, son", to which Vert lets out an audible sigh.

Major Wheeler's final appearance is at the ending of The Ultimate Race, where he walks up to Vert in his Silencer uniform and reveals to him that he has been working for them this entire time. The series ends on him saying "Son, we need to talk", to which Vert then says "Dad"?


  • In Breaking Point, Major Wheeler has a conversation with Vert Wheeler where we can see his briefcase. In it is a photo of his wife and what seems to be Silencerz car keys. It is likely that Vert's Dad was alluding to the fact that he dedicated more of his time to his military career (or work for the Silencerz) rather than spending time with his wife while she was alive.
  • According to a Reddit AMA with World Race creator Jeff Gomez, Dr. Peter Tezla had originally intended to give the Deora II to Major Wheeler. However, he changed the designation in the last minute. It was written in the script but was not explained on screen.[1]



  1. “[The Deora II] was built for Vert’s Dad, but Tezla switched the designation to Vert at the last minute.” - Jeff Gomez, Reddit AMA
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