Mark "Wylde" Wylde is a former World Race driver of the Wave Rippers and is a member of the Metal Maniacs in AcceleRacers. He is voiced by Will Sanderson.


Prior to the events of AcceleRacers, his brother Kurt got him involved in a shady "business deal", but then backed out on him when he refused to give up. As a result, Mark went to prison for two years and after he was released, he refused to acknowledge Kurt as his brother after he abandoned him and joined the Metal Maniacs.

In Breaking Point, Wylde becomes the leader of the Metal Maniacs after Tork allowed him to win in a race spanning from the Acceledrome to the Handler Proving Ground and back. However, in spite of this, his members refused to listen to his orders. This causes the team to fall in a state of anarchy for the remainder of the movie. In the Junk Realm, Wylde failed to follow the apex, which at the same time, a wrecking ball launched him and his car off the track, landing in a pile of debris and losing Wylde's sunglasses. He failed to activate his EDR in time because he was knocked out, resulting in him getting trapped inside the realm, and was later captured by the Drones then flathead fury got abandoned in the junk realm and several hours later wylde wakes up in the drones head quarters

In Ultimate Race, still in captivity, Wylde's left arm was replaced with leftover Drone parts. He appeared to be battered up because the drones must've tortured Wylde. Wylde managed to finish off RD Kadeem, who nearly killed Kurt in a fight battle. The brothers use the EDR from the Battle Spec to escape from Drone City, only to be surrounded by more Racing Drones on Earth. The brothers fought through the Acceledrome and escaped inside a hijacked Sweeper before the building blew up into flames. They realize Vert is still missing, and they continue their search to find him.
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Mark Wylde in World Race


In Ignition and The Speed of Silence, he drives Spinebuster, but after that he switches to Flathead Fury Template:Clear

Trivia Edit

  • Mark Wylde entered the fewest realms of any human driver, entering only five.