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Maximo is an Italian racer who was one of the thirty-four drivers who competed in the World Race. He drove the Pontiac Firebird and raced in team Street Breed.


Ring of Fire

Maximo was driving alongside Kurt Wylde and Pete Karris, he was also one of the ten drivers recruited by Dr. Tezla for the first leg.

The Greatest Challenge

Maximo was one of the twenty-two drivers competing in the second leg.

Desert Heat

Maximo was one of the thirty-three drivers competing in the third leg.

Frozen Fire

Maximo was one of the thirty-four drivers competing in the final leg. He uses the Nitrox 2 booster alongside Dan Dresden, Ricky Bell, and Bart Scampi.




  • 11/35 = Follow, Lead Or Get Out of the Way
  • 12/35 = Chump Change
  • 13/35 = Set in Stone
  • 14/35 = The Ruins Run


  • In the Ring of Fire, Maximo can be seen wearing a yellow headband similar to Toño's after he was passed by Kurt Wylde while using the Nitrox 2 booster.