The Metro Realm is the sixth realm entered by the humans, second seen in Speed of Silence.


The realm starts in a sort of underground highway with the cars entering into head on traffic. If one survives the onslaught of realm cars (or finds a way to other lanes) they will emerge out onto an open highway leading up to a black and futuristic city. One has the option of getting off the highway and entering a urban maze while avoiding Kamikaze Semis attempting to kill you, or stay on the highway. Many buildings can be seen with the Wheel of Power insignia. The skill for this realm is mastering cornering and watch out for traction.

During this realm the drones use the Sweeper for the first time, taking out Synkro and Spine Buster and nearly stealing the Swamp Realm Accelecharger. Luckily, Tork retrieves the Accelecharger and gives it to Nolo. At the defeat of the first Sweeper, Nolo had to take a ride with Karma and Monkey had to ride Hollowback temporarily to head to the bathroom while Tork takes the passenger seat, but unfortunately, Monkey said it was a little too late.

Drivers and Cars 


Karma Eiss - Chicane

Kurt Wylde - Battle Spec

Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg - Spine Buster (DNF)

Nolo Pasaro - Synkro (DNF)

Taro Kitano - Rivited

Tork Maddox - Hollowback

Racing Drones

RD-S1 - driving RD-02

RD-L1 - driving RD-05 (DNF)

Sweeper Driver - driving Drone Sweeper (DNF)


Major Wheeler - driving Iridium

Silencer - driving Covelight

(First appearance: Covelight, Iridium, and Drone Sweeper)


  • An error seems to occur at the end of the realm, it goes as follows: Taro is the first to reach the end of the realm, before he wins, but he is attacked and stopped by a Silencer posing as an RD-02, then another passes as Kurt. The real Kurt is indeed the first to arrive back at the AcceleDrome, but he has not won. Kurt states a drone must have gotten to the end of the track first. Taro's story contradicts this, saying he saw Kurt enter the portal first. Since that was a Silencer and not Kurt, this means Kurt would have had to pass Taro in order to be the first out of the realm, however, Kurt was already ahead of Taro. (Kurt may have been in a different lane from Taro, as it was shown that a good majority of the realm cars were stopped by the Silencerz going over the tops of them with the Caterpillar Hyperpod.)
  • In another error, Karma's Chicane Wheels were supposed to be of the blue and slick type. Mostly, Chicane's wheels were normal and still blue in the beginning until the end of the Metro Realm. Then, Chicane's wheels became the same wheels from Ignition. When Karma drives at the end after all the passenger pick up, the rims don't have the red dot.
  • This is the first realm the Silencerz win. This is also the first of many times Taro is cheated of victory by the Silencerz. However, Gelorum uses the Accelecharger for this realm in the Ultimate Race.
  • Oddly, the realm cars resemble human vehicles and the sign in the promotional image reads "Hollywood" despite the fact that the realms were created eons ago. Same thing happens to the Micro Realm.
  • Karma uses the Cavern Realm Accelecharger, meaning this is the first time a Teku member uses that Accelcharger.
  • If one looks closely at the night stand behind Monkey when he falls out of bed, you can see a picture of Vert's mom for some reason.
  • Both Synkro and Chicane are revealed to have Jump Jets in this realm.
  • Oddly enough, in the Metro Realm's promotional image, both Synkro and High Voltage are seen. This cannot be the case, as Synkro and High Voltage are both driven by Nolo, and High Voltage was destroyed prior to the Realm's entrance.
  • RD-L1 is killed in this realm, after being smashed by the top of the tunnel. He does not re-appear for the rest of the Acceleracers series until the Ultimate Race, with the exception of the Ice Realm. This may be due to the fact Gelorum has already re-activated him once and she said in the end of Ignition that if he failed again she will terminate him. However, in the Cosmic Realm, an RD-05 appears racing with other drone cars, but a driver inside is not shown. Many RD-L1's appear in the invasion of the Acceledrome, and the main one has a different voice, suggesting that Gelorum created a new RD-L1 to drive for her.

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